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started19th Sep 1983
ended16th Nov 2000
last rpt6th May 2008
25 school years
duration20 mins
age rangeAge 7-9
languageenIn English

Zig Zag is a BBC schools TV series from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, covering Miscellany for primary school pupils.

February 2024: A comprehensive guide to all of the Zig Zags units is underway, but not finished yet.

Termly broadcasts

This grid gives an overview of the main units displayed in the daytime on BBC2 each term.

For simplicity, overnight broadcasts as part of Nightschool TV and the Learning Zone are not included, nor are repeats on the CBBC Channel, or units from which a small selection of episodes were broadcasts on an 'extra' basis in the early 1990s. Broadcasts as part ofthe re-branded Primary Geography and Primary History series are also not included.

Colours are used to broadly identify units covering history, geography, scienceand nature, as well as the less common English, PSHE and art.

Early units with a white background are straight repeats of Merry-Go-Round programmes. Later on, Merry-Go-Round material was incorporated into the new Zig Zag units on Getting About and The Anglo-Saxons.

Year Autumn Spring Summer
1983-84 The Normans & Hungry Times The Detectives Comp­uters Space Time and History The Olympics Outward Bound
1984-85 The Arabs The Sea The Eskimos Roads Gardens and Growth Energy
1985-86 The Normans & Hungry Times Computers Over to You Space & Spaceship Earth The Detectives The Greeks Over to You
1986-87 You and the Media Mordicus Winter Festival The Eskimos Canada The Arabs Doctors and Dentists
1987-88 The Vikings & Gunnar Goldhair The Channel Tunnel Rush, The Fallow Deer The Normans & Hungry Times Getting About Gardens and Growth The Olympics
1988-89 Space & Spaceship Earth Winter Festival Wildlife Safari Cathedrals The Greeks World of Work
1989-90 The Vikings & Gunnar Goldhair Over to You The Odyssey Canada Let's Face It The Channel Tunnel Rush, The Fallow Deer
1990-91 Water Getting About Wildlife Safari The Arabs The Greeks Trees and Man
1991-92 Technology The Vikings & Gunnar Goldhair Tales from Europe (1992) Gardens and Growth The Olympics Tales from Europe (1992)
1992-93 The Anglo-Saxons Getting About Water The Odyssey Trees & Trees and Man Wildlife Safari
1993-94 Roman Britain Mapmakers! The Vikings & Gunnar Goldhair Where You Live, Where I Live Tales from Europe (1992)
1994-95 Kenya The Anglo-Saxons Food and Farming Roman Britain Wildlife Safari
1995-96 Geography UK The Vikings & Gunnar Goldhair Mapmakers! Technology Kenya Danger Detectors Tales from Europe (1992)
1996-97 Food and Farming Ancient Greece Village, Town, City The Anglo-Saxons Making It Work Danger Detectors Art
1997-98 Geography UK Invaders! Water, Air and Land Kenya Roman Britain Danger Detectors Art & Making It Work
1998-99 Tudor Life Invaders! Weather Water, Air and Land Ancient Greece Village, Town, City
1999-2000 Invaders! A Walk Through Time France Tales from Europe (2000) Water, Air and Land, Weather & Kenya Village, Town, City Anglo-Saxons, Tudor Life & Ancient Greece Art & Making It Work
2000-01 Tudor Life, Ancient Greece, Walk Through Time Kenya, Village, Town, City, France Snapshots: Children in WWII Invaders! A Walk Through Time Water, Air and Land Weather Children in WWII Art & Making It Work
2001-02 A Walk Through Time Children in WWII Village, Town, City Tudor Life & Invaders! France & Water, Air and Land Weather Mapmakers! Art
2002-03 Art Tales from Europe (2000) Art
2003-04 Tales from Europe (2000)
2006-07 Tales from Europe (2000)
2007-08 Tales from Europe (2000)



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