Schools broadcasting in the 1950s

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Latest 1950s updates
Time and Tune Radio
13 Jul 2021
Spring 1954 schedule
5 Jun 2021
Autumn 1958 schedule
5 Jun 2021
Summer 1951 schedule
5 Jun 2021
Young People at Work TV
5 Jun 2021

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Five random programmes from the 1950s (see all 127 programmes)
Programme Dates Age range Subjects Type
1Process of Law cover autumn 1958.jpg Process of LawProcess of Law 1958-10-011958 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1By Road cover summer 1959.jpg By RoadBy Road 1959-05-051959 Age 13-16 Geography TV
1People of Many Lands cover autumn 1967.jpg People of Many LandsPeople of Many Lands 1959-09-211959-1974 Age 9-11 Geography TV
1Nature Study cover autumn 1950.jpg Nature StudyNature Study 1927-09-291927-1965 Age 9-11 Science Nature Radio
1The Jacksons - Ken Rides a Pony.jpg Jacksons, TheThe Jacksons 1956-09-171956-1963 Age 11-13 Citizenship Citizenship, PSHE Radio
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