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Latest 1950s updates
Time and Tune Radio
9 Jun 2024 Tidied up the grid of pamphlet covers
The Ballad Story TV
27 Jan 2024 Full update with an overview of Britain's 2nd ever schools TV series. Also credits updated.
Young People at Work TV
10 Aug 2023
Year of Observation TV
10 Aug 2023
Wales: Its Life and People (1948) Radio
10 Aug 2023

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Five random programmes from the 1950s (see all 127 programmes)
Programme Dates
1Bible and Life cover 1961-62.jpg Bible and Life, TheThe Bible and Life BBC Schools Radio • Age 13-16 • Religion Religious Education 1955-01-171955-1966
1Around Scotland title 1990s.jpg Around ScotlandAround Scotland BBC Schools TV • Age 9-11, Age 11-13 • Miscellany 1959-04-291959-2010
1Modern History cover autumn 1957.jpg Modern HistoryModern History BBC Schools Radio • Age 13-16 • History 1957-09-011957-1963
1Let's Join In teachers cover 1966-67.jpg Let's Join InLet's Join In BBC Schools Radio • Age 5-7 • Miscellany 1940-01-091940-1990
1Stories from Scottish History cover autumn 1961.jpg Stories from Scottish HistoryStories from Scottish History BBC Schools Radio • Age 7-9, Age 9-11 • History 1947-09-011947-1972