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Latest 1920s updates
Village Life in Olden Times Radio
10 Aug 2023
What the Onlooker Saw Radio
10 Aug 2023
Talks on the Maintenance of Sets Radio
10 Aug 2023
Travel Talks Radio
10 Aug 2023
Transmission to Schools (6LV) Radio
10 Aug 2023

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1920s Schedules

Five random programmes from the 1920s (see all 70 programmes)
Programme Dates Age range Subjects Type
1Rural Survey Farming cover autumn 1929.jpg FarmingFarming 1929-10-041929-1930 Science Agriculture Radio
1Nature Study cover autumn 1950.jpg Nature StudyNature Study 1927-09-291927-1965 Age 9-11 Science Nature Radio
1What the Onlooker Saw cover spring 1929.jpg What the Onlooker SawWhat the Onlooker Saw 1928-09-241928-1929 History Radio
1Music cover autumn 1929.jpg Music (radio)Music (radio) 1928-09-251928-1934 Music Radio
1Rural Survey Farming cover autumn 1929.jpg Rural SurveyRural Survey 1929-09-271929-1930 Science Agriculture Radio
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