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Latest 1930s updates
Welsh History Radio
10 Aug 2023
Y Cenhedloedd yn Deulu Radio
10 Aug 2023
Y Mawr a'r Bach yn y Greadigaeth Radio
10 Aug 2023
Y Canu Rhydd Radio
10 Aug 2023 Corrected the subject and added a little information.
Your Home and Mine Radio
10 Aug 2023

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Five random programmes from the 1930s (see all 117 programmes)
Programme Dates
1Time and Tune cover autumn 1939.jpg Time and Tune for JuniorsTime and Tune for Juniors BBC Schools Radio • Age 7-9 • Music 1937-09-011937-1939
1Your Home and Mine cover autumn 1936.jpg Your Home and MineYour Home and Mine BBC Schools Radio • Age 9-11, Age 11-13 • Geography 1936-09-241936-1937
1Science and Gardening cover summer 1935.jpg Practice and Science of Gardening, TheThe Practice and Science of Gardening BBC Schools Radio • Age 11-13 • Science Agriculture 1934-09-241934-1948
1Our Parish cover summer 1939.jpg Our ParishOur Parish BBC Schools Radio • Age 9-11, Age 11-13 • Geography 1938-09-271938-1939
1Children of Other Days cover summer 1931.jpg Children of Other DaysChildren of Other Days BBC Schools Radio • History 1930-09-221930-1931