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27th November 2023: A few months after ITV & Channel 4 were done, we now have guides to all of the German language programmes for secondary schools made by BBC Schools TV, most of which basically show life for contemporary teenagers in Germany. That experience changes quite a bit from Treffpunkt: Deutschland in the 1970s to Alles Klar in the 1980s, Lernexpress and D-Mag in the 1990s and German Shorts in the 2000s, especially with the fall of the Berlin Wall, documented particularly by The German Collection.

Along the way we also have a drama serial about a boat called Susanne, the adventures of a visiting alien called Globo, and the most remarkable dance moves ever seen, in Hallo aus Berlin.

Treffpunkt Deutschland Ines shopping.jpg Alles Klar Max Mason.jpg Unter Uns zoo ticket.jpg A Level German debate.jpg Lernexpress Sonja dock.jpg German Collection checkpoint.jpg Globo waving.jpg Hallo aus Berlin familie song.jpg Susanne - Kathrin Thomas.jpg D-Mag Christina interviewing.jpg German Shorts kochduell.jpg

And in response to votes for pages people would most like to see updated, I have had a go at updating information about both the Maths Challenge TV and radio series from the 2000s, and the 1970s-80s Ulster TV primary schools series Hop, Skip and Jump.

25th August 2023: Oh look, that schools TV website has been updated but it's just some random programmes that I'm not interested in at all.

Perhaps that can change! Every programme covered on the site now has a green voting box voting star at the bottom (the technology has been changed as the first one with green boxes only allowed each page to be voted for once). If you would like to see that programme updated please vote for it and I will do my best to prioritise it. Even better, if you know something about it or have old books or pictures to share you can get in touch by email too.

There is a page showing all the votes so far, and I have cheekily started things off by voting for some programmes that I'm already planning to update soon anyway.

(P.S. there's schools radio programmes here too as well as TV)

24th August 2023: Guides to all of the German language schools programmes made by ITV and Channel 4 have been added over the last few weeks, including Thames's long-running The German Programme and all of its individual units, 1960s dramas Wir Waren Vier and Karl und Christa, and more modern series like Hennings Haus and the sitcom Extra auf Deutsch.

Wir Waren Vier cast.jpg Auf Deutsch ep16 guest.jpg Karl und Christa cast.jpg German Programme Wie Sagt Man Irmgard.jpg German Programme Partner TV Brigitte Dieter.jpg German Programme Partner TV Uli und Klaus.jpg German Programme Willkommen dance.jpg Top auf Deutsch title.jpg Turbo Friedreike.jpg Hennings Haus train carriage.jpg Extra German no title.jpg

Also you may notice that the site now works properly! After 15 years it's moved to new hosting and it's quite fast and responsive. You can search and suggestions come up quickly, you can load a page and actually read it in less than 15 seconds of waiting. Hurray!

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Latest updates

Mill Street Youth Club (from Television Club) TV
New 28 Nov 2023 New page added about this early 1970s Television Club drama, which is almost entirely lost from the archives.
German Shorts TV
27 Nov 2023 Full update about the short documentary films in this 2000s compilation which seems to have been hidden away by the BBC as if it never existed!
D-Mag Includes video TV
27 Nov 2023 Full update with details of the programme contents, broadcasts & credits.
Susanne TV
27 Nov 2023 Full details of the story of this German drama serial, its episodes, broadcasts and credits.
Hallo aus Berlin TV
27 Nov 2023 Full update with an overview of the songs, broadcasts, credits and episodes including the 2 extra episodes.
Hennings Haus TV
26 Nov 2023 Full update with episode and broadcast details, credits and locations.
German Globo TV
26 Nov 2023 Update with more details, episode list and broadcasts.
Maths Challenge (TV) Includes video TV
25 Nov 2023 Rewrite, with added broadcast details, topics & tags and revamped episode guide.
Hop, Skip and Jump (TV) TV
25 Nov 2023 Full update with background, a photo, and as much as I know about this series.
Maths Challenge (radio) Includes audio Radio
25 Nov 2023 Updated with full unit overview and broadcasts history, links to listen to 20 episodes online, details of edits and animated versions of the episodes, tags and topics.
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