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Latest 1960s updates
Music Workshop Radio
8 Nov 2023 Another new pupils pamphlet scan thanks to Nigel Parsons - Yanomamo from spring 1992 (replacing the black & white teacher's notes cover that was here before).
Watch TV
18 Sep 2023 Fixed a technical problem that made the page un-viewable!
Working Together (1969) TV
10 Aug 2023
Voilà! TV
10 Aug 2023
Ymlaen â Ni Radio
10 Aug 2023

... more updates

Five random programmes from the 1960s (see all 401 programmes)
Programme Dates Age range Subjects Type
1Groundwork of History cover summer 1963.jpg Groundwork of HistoryGroundwork of History 1963-05-011963-1966 Age 13-16

Age 16-19

History Ancient History, Archaeology, Pre-History TV
1A Place to Live title.jpg Place to Live, AA Place to Live 1969-01-151969-1989 Age 7-9

Age 9-11

Age 11-13

Age 13-16

Science Nature TV
1People at Work cover autumn 1966.jpg People at Work (TV)People at Work (TV) 1966-09-201966 Age 9-11 Citizenship TV
1One World cover summer 1965.jpg One World (1965)One World (1965) 1965-01-191965 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1Books to Enjoy cover spring 1960.jpg Books to Enjoy (1960)Books to Enjoy (1960) 1960-01-181960 Age 11-13 English Reading TV
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