Schools broadcasting in the 1960s

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Latest 1960s updates
Ways with Words (1966) TV
19 Jul 2021
Len and the River Mob (from Look and Read) TV
18 Jul 2021
Time and Tune Radio
13 Jul 2021
Bob and Carol Look for Treasure (from Look and Read) TV
15 Jun 2021
Autumn 1968 schedule
5 Jun 2021

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Five random programmes from the 1960s (see all 401 programmes)
Programme Dates Age range Subjects Type
1Movement Mime and Music Stage 1 teachers cover summer 1971.jpg Movement, Mime and Music Stage OneMovement, Mime and Music Stage One 1969-09-241969-1975 Age 7-9 English Drama Radio
1Europe and World Studies cover summer 1970.jpg Europe and World StudiesEurope and World Studies 1967-09-191967-1974 Age 13-16 Geography Radio
1Ways with Words cover spring 1967.jpg Ways with Words (1966)Ways with Words (1966) 1966-01-181966-1970 Age 11-13 English TV
1English and Life cover autumn 1965.jpg English and LifeEnglish and Life 1965-09-251965-1966 Age 13-16 English TV
1Let's Join In teachers cover 1966-67.jpg Let's Join InLet's Join In 1940-01-091940-1990 Age 5-7 Miscellany Radio
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