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Latest 1970s updates
Appuntamento in Italia TV
23 Feb 2022 Title screen added
The Boy from Space (1971) (from Look and Read) TV
21 Dec 2021
Look and Read TV
5 Dec 2021 A complete rewrite of the whole page with programme details and history, pictures, and a complete overview of all resources ever published!
Music Makers (radio) Radio
25 Oct 2021 Updated with a complete overview of the series and a guide to every single unit.
Kings and Things (from Music Makers (radio)) Radio
New 24 Oct 2021 Introducing series 7 of Music Makers

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Five random programmes from the 1970s (see all 599 programmes)
Programme Dates Age range Subjects Type
1Talkabout title.jpg TalkaboutTalkabout 1979-09-011979-1984 Age 5-7 English TV
1Seeing and Doing title 1.jpg Seeing and DoingSeeing and Doing 1967-09-191967-1994 Age 5-7 Miscellany TV
1Slide - Let's Go 1980s.jpg Let's GoLet's Go 1978-09-181978-1986 Age 13-16 Citizenship Special Needs TV
1Alive and Kicking title.jpg Alive and KickingAlive and Kicking 1977-04-271977-1985 Age 5-7 Citizenship PSHE TV
1Reproduction and Growth cover summer 1971.jpg Reproduction and GrowthReproduction and Growth 1967-02-231967-1971 Age 11-13 Science Radio
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