Zig Zag: Over to You

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started18th Nov 1985
ended13th Nov 1989
last rpt29th Jun 1990
5 school years
duration20 mins
subject 🏫Miscellany
age rangeAge 7-9
languageenIn English

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Over to You is a unit of the BBC Schools TV series Zig Zag from the 1980s & 1990s, covering Miscellany for Primary pupils.

Encouraging viewing pupils to make their own puppet shows, cameras and animated films by talking about the history of existing methods and showing schools at work on projects.

Three autumn term programmes suggesting different ideas were followed by a follow-up programme at the end of the school year showcasing some of the animation work done by schools in response. A further episode on making videos was added to later repeats.

Over to You programmes, showing school projects underway to inspire viewers to undertake their own projects, were a popular feature of the BBC's junior TV series in the 1980s, with others appearing in Now and Then and especially Landmarks.

Episode List

# Title Broadcast
1. DIY Puppetry #1985-11-18-00-00-0018 Nov 1985
2. DIY Photography #1985-11-25-00-00-0025 Nov 1985
3. DIY Animation #1985-12-02-00-00-002 Dec 1985
4. Festival of Animation #1986-06-09-00-00-009 Jun 1986
5. DIY Video #1989-11-13-00-00-0013 Nov 1989


Year Term Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Channel Details
1985-86 Autumn 1985 Monday, 11:00am Wednesday, 2:40pm BBC2 from 18 Nov
Summer 1986 Monday, 11:00am Wednesday, 2:40pm BBC2 9/11 June
Tuesday, 2:20pm Friday, 10:15am BBC2 22/25 April, Subtitle Slot
1989-90 Autumn 1989 Monday, 11:00am Wednesday, 1:40pm BBC2 from 30 Oct
Summer 1990 Monday, 8:55am Friday, 1:00pm BBC2 25 & 29 June



As usual, there were teacher's notes available.

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