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started8th Mar 2001
ended29th Mar 2001
last rpt6th Nov 2001
2 school years
duration30 mins
age rangeAge 16-19
languagedeIn German

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Turbo is a Channel 4 Schools series from the 2000s, covering German language for further education school pupils.

A look at modern life in Germany for A Level and Scottish NQ students, through a series of four or five individual documentary films in each half-hour episode. The series was produced in Germany by the Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes organisation, and is presented entirely in German.

The documentary films are linked by presenter Friederike Hofmann in a virtual studio, and some films are fronted by location reporter Sven Rebel.

The topics covered include young homeless people, community service, puberty, recycling, rollerblading, the activities of Greenpeace and life for refugees in Germany. Most episodes include a profile of a town in Germany, and every episode ends with a recent pop music video by a German chart act.

The films are designed to cover the topics of the exam syllabuses of the time, to provide varied listening material, and to stimulate discussion and written work in German.

Presenter Friederike Hofmann

Episode List

# Title Broadcast
1. Inline Skating, Stadtportrait Leipzig, Polizeischülerin, Jugendliche Obdachlose #2001-03-08-00-00-008 Mar 2001
2. Greenpeace, Stadtportrait München, Zivildienstleistender #2001-03-15-00-00-0015 Mar 2001
3. Ferienjobs, Stadtportrait Weimar, Ori, Pubertät #2001-03-22-00-00-0022 Mar 2001
4. Recycling, Die andere Heimat, Ausbildung im Hotel #2001-03-29-00-00-0029 Mar 2001


Year Term Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Channel Details
2000-01 Spring 2001 Thursday, 11:00am Channel 4
Summer 2001 Wednesday, 4:00am+ Channel 4 20th June
2001-02 Autumn 2001 Tuesday, 4:00am+ Channel 4 6th November


Presenter Friederike Hofmann
Reporter Sven Rebel
Music videos by Creme de la Crème (episode 1)

Spektacoolär (episode 2)
Kami & Purple Schulz (episode 3)
Herbert Grönemeyer (episode 4)

Sequence Producers Dirk Bitzer (episodes 1 & 4)

Hans-Peter Dürhager (episode 1)
Jochen Gerken (episode 1)
Georg Schmidbauer (episode 1)
Bernd Wilting (episodes 1 & 4)
Andrea Klüting (episodes 2 & 3)
Gudrun Schäfer (episode 2)
Klaus Werner (episode 2)
Uli Veith (episode 3)
Udo Görisch (episode 4)
Susanne Orosz (episode 4)

Editor Guido Murk
Education Officer Mary Ellwood
Education Consultant Hans-Joachim Fuhrig
Producer Erich Pfeiffer-Oske



The four episodes were available on video for £19.99, including for several years after TV transmissions ended.

Net Notes

Comprehensive notes with transcripts of every segment and activity sheets were available on the Channel 4 website - see above.

The notes were written by Hans-Joachim Fuhrig



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