Karl und Christa

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started18th Sep 1967
ended10th Jun 1968
last rpt17th Jun 1971
4 school years
duration20 mins
age range4th & 5th FormsAge 13-16
languagedeIn German
ITV/C4 GermanHierarchyPrevious.gifPrevious series: Wir Waren Vier Next series: The German Programme HierarchyNext.gif

Karl und Christa is a German-language ITV schools TV series from the 1960s and 1970s, covering German Language for secondary school pupils.

A drama serial about the everyday life of a brother and sister in Germany, with familiar vocabulary and dialogue.

Karl is a 16-year-old schoolboy in the town of Hamburg Yellow-marker.png , who drives a moped and enjoys pop music and cars, and later painting.

His 18-year-old sister Christa looks after the household and also works as a receptionist for their overworked, widower father Dr Winter, who holds his surgery in the family house.

Over the course of the year's episodes Karl has various trouble with his school work and his father, while Christa's romance with her eventual fiancé Peter progresses over the year. Dr Winter develops his own romantic interest with one of his patients, Kornelia Kohlhammer.

Dr Winter, Christa and Karl

The actor Gordon Sterne had also appeared in the earlier ATV German drama series Wir Waren Vier playing various different characters in different episodes. In Karl und Christa he actually did the same. Although he took the key role of the children's father Dr Winter here, he also popped up in other guises in episodes where Dr Winter did not appear, including a waiter in episode 7, a school teacher in episode 13, and even one of (the unseen) Dr Winter's patients in episode 14.

The level of vocabulary used in the series increases over the year, not episode-by-episode but term-by term.

The series did not necessarily hit its mark with its intended audience of teenagers studying towards O-level secondary school exams. Contemporary teachers noted that "older schoolchildren had sometimes laughed at the exaggerated behaviour of the young actors, whereas one would have expected them to identify themselves more fully with them[1]"

It was the last attempt at a series supporting German language studies by ATV, the Midlands ITV company which had specialised in schools language broadcasts throughout the 1960s[2]. ITV did not return to the German language for schools during the entire 1970s, until the baton was picked up by another regional ITV company, Thames, in the early 1980s with The German Programme.

Episode List

# Title Broadcast
1. Abendessen bei Winters #1967-09-18-00-00-0018 Sep 1967
2. Sonntagmorgen in der Linderstrasse #1967-09-25-00-00-0025 Sep 1967
3. Karl wird Babysitter #1967-10-02-00-00-002 Oct 1967
4. Christas Tanzkleid #1967-10-09-00-00-009 Oct 1967
5. Heute kommt Tante Herta #1967-10-16-00-00-0016 Oct 1967
6. Der Autodieb #1967-10-23-00-00-0023 Oct 1967
7. In der Kajüte #1967-11-06-00-00-006 Nov 1967
8. Karls Grosser Tag #1967-11-13-00-00-0013 Nov 1967
9. Karl braucht Geld, Geld, Geld #1967-11-20-00-00-0020 Nov 1967
10. Der Weihnachsmarkt #1967-11-27-00-00-0027 Nov 1967
11. Schiller und Schulerlötzen #1968-01-15-00-00-0015 Jan 1968*
12. Die Weisse Möwe #1968-01-22-00-00-0022 Jan 1968
13. Zwei Wetten #1968-01-29-00-00-0029 Jan 1968
14. Im Wartezimmer #1968-02-05-00-00-005 Feb 1968
15. Die Party #1968-02-12-00-00-0012 Feb 1968
16. Ein Schlechter Patient #1968-02-26-00-00-0026 Feb 1968
17. Im Reisebüro #1968-03-04-00-00-004 Mar 1968
18. Abenteur im Schnee #1968-03-11-00-00-0011 Mar 1968
19. Die Nachhilfestunde #1968-03-18-00-00-0018 Mar 1968
20. Der Wellensittich #1968-03-25-00-00-0025 Mar 1968
21. Christas Geburtstag #1968-04-29-00-00-0029 Apr 1968
22. Peters Studio #1968-05-06-00-00-006 May 1968
23. Im Schlossmuseum #1968-05-13-00-00-0013 May 1968
24. Das Café im Grünen #1968-05-20-00-00-0020 May 1968
25. Ein Schönes Wochenende #1968-05-27-00-00-0027 May 1968
26. Christas Letzer Abend #1968-06-10-00-00-0010 Jun 1968

* - Schiller und Schulerlötzen was previewed as part of an Out of School programme on Friday 29 December 1967 at 11:59 on ITV


Year Term Day Time Day Time Channel Details
1967-68 Autumn 1967, Spring & Summer 1968 Mon 14:20 Fri 11:28 ITV Not Border; Fridays on ATV only
1970-71 Autumn 1970, Spring & Summer 1971 Mon 14:38 Thu 14:00 ITV not Thursdays in Grampian or some other areas


Starring Armin J. Shallock as Karl Winter

Suzanne Roquette as Christa Winter

With Gordon Sterne as Dr Winter

Brigitte Skay as Anita
Jörg Sorensen as Peter
Martina Mayne as Kornelia Kohlhammer

Programme adviser Mary Glasgow
Writer Marianne Calmann
Director Adrian Brown
Producer Donald Carter


Schools booklet

Teacher's Notes

A booklet of notes on each episode was published to accompany the schools transmissions, designed for both teacher and pupil.

A separate booklet for each term was printed for the first broadcasts in 1967-68, and then I believe a combined booklet for the year was published for the 1970-71 broadcasts, costing 2s 6d, or 13p in decimalised currency.



A book with exercises including multiple-choice quizzes based on some of the TV episodes was released by the publishing company owned by the programme adviser Mary Glasgow in 1968.

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Sources & References

  • Council of Europe (1972) The Teaching of Modern Languages by Closed-Circuit Television and Other Audio-Visual Media. Report of the Meeting of Experts (January 11-14, 1972). (available online from ERIC) p.5
  • ITV Schools Annual Programme Guide 1970-71 (Yorkshire edition). p.29
  • TV Times television listings, 1968-1971.
  • Weltman, Joseph (1978) 21 Years of Independent Television for Schools, 1957 to 1978 as published with Independent Broadcasting no 16, May 1978, London: IBA

With thanks to Roddy Buxton and Trevor Wells

  1. Comments on children laughing at the "exaggerated behaviour of the young actors" from Council of Europe (1972) p.5.
  2. Weltman (1978) p.19 says "The Midlands company first entered schools broadcasting as specialists in modern languages."


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