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started9th Mar 2007
last rpt11th Nov 2009
4 school years
duration60 mins
age rangeAge 13-16
languageen/deIn English & In German

BBC TV GermanHierarchyPrevious.gifPrevious series: D-Mag

German Shorts is a German-language BBC schools TV series from the 2000s, covering German language for secondary school pupils.

A series of 11 short documentary films about aspects of life for young people in contemporary Berlin.

Sequences include Abenteuer Berlin, showing young British and Irish professionals learning German for work in Berlin Violet-marker.png ; Kochduell, a cooking competition between two competitors; Raterei, a quiz in which teenagers describe famous Germans and viewers need to guess the identity of the subject; and Türkisch für Anfänger a behind the scenes look at the German TV culture-clash comedy of the same name.

There are also documentaries about an ice hockey team, a dance troupe, art student, enviornmental activitists, shopping and tourism and the recent history of Berlin.

Participants in the kochduell

The narration is in English and the subjects of the Abenteuer Berlin segment speak in English about learning German. German students in a segment called Frohe Weinachten! about Christmas songs and celebrations sing various English lyrics. Some parts of the programme include on-screen subtitles, but the optional subtitles for hard of hearing viewers transcribe the English narration but simply say "THEY SPEAK GERMAN" for the rest!

German Shorts often appeared in online TV listings as if it was part of the series GCSE Bitesize Revision but it was never presented on TV in that way and I think it is just a misunderstanding as the programme is suitable for GCSE students. The companion programmes French Shorts and Spanish Shorts were always listed as standalone broadcasts.

Unusually while the French and Spanish editions remain listed on the BBC website in the 2020s with clips available to watch, this German edition has completely disappeared with nothing available online and historic schedules reporting a gap in transmissions as if German Shorts had never existed in the first place!

Contents List

The single, hour-long episode of German Shorts includes 11 short films.

# Segment Broadcast
1. Abenteuer Berlin #2007-03-09-00-00-009 Mar 2007
2. Kochduell #2007-03-09-00-00-009 Mar 2007
3. Frohe Weinachten! #2007-03-09-00-00-009 Mar 2007
4. Raterei #2007-03-09-00-00-009 Mar 2007
5. Trend und Shoppen #2007-03-09-00-00-009 Mar 2007
6. Junge Eisbären #2007-03-09-00-00-009 Mar 2007
7. Tanz-Fieber #2007-03-09-00-00-009 Mar 2007
8. Ich Liebe Berlin #2007-03-09-00-00-009 Mar 2007
9. Türkisch für Anfänger #2007-03-09-00-00-009 Mar 2007
10. Künstlerinnen #2007-03-09-00-00-009 Mar 2007
11. Grüne Jugend #2007-03-09-00-00-009 Mar 2007


Year Term Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Channel Details
2006-07 Spring 2007 Friday, 5:00am BBC2 9 Mar
2007-08 Spring 2008 Thursday, 2:00am BBC2 13 Mar
2008-09 Spring 2009 Friday, 4:00am BBC2 13 Mar
2009-10 Autumn 2009 Wednesday, 4:00am BBC2 11 Nov


Narrators Britta Gartner
Herbert Hunger
Title Music Nick Harvey
Graphic Design Lukas Schrank
Executive Producer Sue Nott
Produced and directed by Mary Sprent


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