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started26th Apr 1977
ended24th May 1977
last rpt28th Mar 1985
9 school years
duration15 mins
age rangeSecondaryAge 11-13 & Age 13-16
languagedeIn German

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Treffpunkt: Deutschland is a German-language BBC schools TV series from the 1970s and 1980s, covering German Language for secondary school pupils.

A series in which West German teenagers and adults are seen going about their daily activities, such as shoe shopping, visiting the doctor, going to school or church. Each episode is made up of a number of distinct, short sequences each with its own title shown on screen, so that they could be video recorded and shown individually by the teacher. The programmes are designed to be useful to students in their second or third year of studying German.

Ines goes to the post office

The participants, some of whom reoccur in multiple episodes, come from the German towns of BraunschweigViolet-marker.png and HamelinViolet-marker.png, and they appear on camera being interviewed about their lives around the film of their activities, speaking in their own unscripted words. A carefully scripted German commentary repeats and reinforces the key vocabulary.

Volker meeting a German border guard and his dog.

The series was made while Germany was divided into West and East and references the split, including a sequence in which teenager Volker goes to meet the border guards who patrol close to where he lives.

This was the first German-language schools television programme made by the BBC, in fact the only German schools television programme produced and broadcast by either the BBC or ITV in the entire decade of the 1970s.

It is linked closely with the English-language series Encounter: Germany which was shown at the same time. Both series were the result of three weeks filming in German in the summer of 1976, and while they had originally been envisaged as parallel productions - the same film sequences narrated in either German or English - sufficient useful footage was shot that the two series are actually distinctly different but complementary. The same participants, and some of the same situations, appear in each, but Treffpunkt: Deutschland focuses on dialogue and transactional activity between people, while Encounter: Germany uses material relevant to background study of the country and culture.

This pairing of language and geography Encounter series was later reproduced for several other languages, with Appuntamento in Italia/Encounter: Italy following in 1978, and then Rendez-vous: France/Encounter: France in 1979 and Descubra España/Encounter: Spain in 1981.

Treffpunkt: Deutschland was eventually replaced with an updated pair of series along the same lines in 1986, in the form of Treffpunkt: Osterreich/Encounter: Austria.

Titles & Theme Music

Flags of various European countries fly out from a grid of flags, culminating with the flag of Germany filling the screen and displaying the series title and emblem.

In common with the other Encounter series of the 1970s, the theme music is House of the King by the group Focus.

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Episode List

# Title Broadcast
1. An Ort und Stelle #1977-04-26-00-00-0026 Apr 1977
2. Schule #1977-05-03-00-00-003 May 1977
3. Verbindungen #1977-05-10-00-00-0010 May 1977
4. Arbeit #1977-05-17-00-00-0017 May 1977
5. Freizeit #1977-05-24-00-00-0024 May 1977


Year Term Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Channel Details
1976-77 Summer 1977 Tuesday, 2:14pm Thursday, 2:45pm BBC1
1977-78 Autumn 1977 Monday, 11:00am Tuesday, 2:14pm Thursday, 2:45pm BBC1 Fortnightly
1978-79 Autumn 1978 Tuesday, 2:14pm Thursday, 2:14pm BBC1 Fortnightly
1979-80 Spring 1980 Tuesday, 2:14pm Friday, 9:05am BBC1 Fortnightly
1980-81 Spring 1981 Tuesday, 2:14pm Friday, 9:05am BBC1 Fortnightly
1981-82 Spring 1982 Tuesday, 9:53am BBC1
1982-83 Spring 1983 Wednesday, 9:15am BBC1
Summer 1983 Thursday, 9:15am BBC1
1983-84 Autumn 1983 Thursday, 1:20pm BBC2
Spring 1984 Thursday, 9:33am BBC2
1984-85 Autumn 1984 Thursday, 1:20pm BBC2
Spring 1985 Thursday, 9:20am BBC2



Teacher's Notes

Teacher's Notes

Notes containing segment-by-segment descriptions, vocabulary lists, transcripts and follow-up activities were available, initially costing 45p.

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