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started19th Sep 1996
ended28th Nov 1996
last rpt1st Feb 2008
12 school years
duration15 mins
age rangeAge 11-14Age 11-13 & Age 13-16
languagedeIn German

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Hallo aus Berlin is a German-language BBC schools TV series from the 1990s and 2000s, covering German Language for secondary school pupils.

A contemporary and engaging 1990s series for beginners in German.

A group of lively German teenagers talk about and reenact their everyday lives and interests, and interview other young people in the street. The teenage presenters appear throughout the series so that viewers get to know them, their personalities and their families.

Meanwhile two computer animated teenagers called Rolli and Rita appear in a short comic story each week, and sing a vocabulary-laden song. Their energetic and very dynamic, motion-captured dance moves capturing the attention of many learners.

The programmes used only native German speakers, and were recorded on location in the east and west parts of 1990s BerlinViolet-marker.png.

Titles & Theme Music

In a computer animated control room the character Rolli dances to the theme music while words and scenes of contemporary Berlin appear on screens all around him, and the real teenagers featured in the series sing and dance their introductions.

Theme SongHallo aus Berlin title song

Hallo, hallo
Hallo, hallo... aus Berlin.
- Hallo! Ich bin Marko.
- Ich bin Jessica.
- Ich bin Daniel.
- Hallo! Ich bin Esther.
- Ich bin Thomas.
- Ich bin Miriam.
Hallo. Hallo. Hallo. Hallo.
Hallo aus Berlin

Hallo aus Berlin cast.jpg


Rita and Rolli dancing to the song In meiner Familie

Each episode includes an educational song using and repeating key vocabulary, in particular to emphasise language elements that learners often find tricky such as word order and gender.

The catchy songs are performed by Rolli and Rita, with words shown on screen and accompanying animation of the characters' vigorous dance routines.

Here is a list with a brief sample of the lyrics to each song.

SongHallo aus Berlin!

Hallo. Ich bin Rita. Wie heißt du?
Ich bin vierzehn. Wie alt bist du? Bist du vier?

Lyrics by Steven Fawkes. Music by Sandy Nuttgens.

From episode 1

SongIn meiner Familie

Ich habe eine Schwester.
Sie heißt Maria.
Ich habe einen Bruder.
Peter ist sein Name.
Das ist meine Familie.
Das ist meine Familie.

Lyrics by Steven Fawkes. Music by Sandy Nuttgens.

From episode 2

SongWer wohnt wo?

Wer wohnt in einem Haus?
Wer wohnt in einer Stadt?
Wer wohnt in einer Wohnung?
Wer wohnt auf dem Land?

Lyrics by Steven Fawkes. Music by Sandy Nuttgens.

From episode 3

SongWo ist hier ein Telefon?

Eins, zwei, drei, vier.
Ist eine Post hier?
Fünf, sechs, sieben, acht.
Wie komme ich zur Post?

Lyrics by Steven Fawkes. Music by Sandy Nuttgens.

From episode 4

SongEinmal Eis bitte

Eins, zwei, dreimal.
Eins, zwei, dreimal Eis bitte.
Vier, fünf, sechsmal.
Vier, fünf, sechsmal Eis bitte.

Lyrics by Steven Fawkes. Music by Sandy Nuttgens.

From episode 5

SongWas ist dein Lieblingsfach?

Einmal in der Woche: Kunst und Musik.
Zweimal in der Woche: Geschichte und Deutsch.
Dreimal in der Woche: Mathe, Englisch aber...

Lyrics by Steven Fawkes. Music by Sandy Nuttgens.

From episode 6

SongAm Wochenende

Was machen Sie am Wochenende?
Was machst du am Wochenende?
Was machen Sie am Wochenende?
In der Freizeit was machst du?

Lyrics by Steven Fawkes. Music by Sandy Nuttgens.

From episode 7

SongZehn Finger

Mein Arm. Meine Arme.
Mein Bein. Meine Beine.
Mein Fuß. Meine Füße.
Mein Ohr. Meine Ohren.
Meine Nase. Meine Nase.
Mein Kopf. Mein Kopf.

Lyrics by Steven Fawkes. Music by Sandy Nuttgens.

From episode 8

SongWann hast du Geburtstag?

Wann hast du Geburtstag?
Wann hast du Geburtstag?
Miriam im Januar.
Marko im Februar.
Jessica im März.

Lyrics by Steven Fawkes. Music by Sandy Nuttgens.

From episode 9

SongDas ist unser Berlin

Das ist unser Berlin, unsere Stadt.
Das ist unser Berlin.
Was denkst du von unserer Stadt?

Lyrics by Steven Fawkes. Music by Sandy Nuttgens.

From episode 10

Episode List

# Title English title Broadcast
1. Wir Us #1996-09-19-00-00-0019 Sep 1996
2. Familie Family #1996-09-26-00-00-0026 Sep 1996
3. Zu Hause At Home #1996-10-03-00-00-003 Oct 1996
4. In der Stadt In Town #1996-10-10-00-00-0010 Oct 1996
5. Essen und Trinken Food and Drink #1996-10-17-00-00-0017 Oct 1996
6. Schule School #1996-10-31-00-00-0031 Oct 1996
7. Freizeit Free Time #1996-11-07-00-00-007 Nov 1996
8. Gesundheit Health #1996-11-14-00-00-0014 Nov 1996
9. Ferien und Feste Holidays and Festivals #1996-11-21-00-00-0021 Nov 1996
10. Unser Berlin Our Berlin #1996-11-28-00-00-0028 Nov 1996


Title from the Demo-Band preview episode

A five minute long preview programme featuring clips from the series and a description of how it could be used, was presented as a trailer or Demo-Band.

This was first shown on BBC2 on Thursday 23rd May 1996, and continued to be repeated as a filler on the Learning Zone as late as Wednesday 26th September 2007.

Songs Episode

An additional, full 15 minute episode of the series, complete with opening titles and end credits, reprised all of the Songs from the series alongside the Rolli and Rita dance animations.

This was first broadcast on the morning of Friday 28th March 1997 at 4:45am in the Learning Zone strand on BBC2, at the end of a language compilation for young learners also including episodes of Quinze Minutes, Ici Paris, Lernexpress, Diez Temas, Isabel and Jeunes Francophones.

Shorter versions of the Songs episode were shown as a filler after other Learning Zone programmes, starting from the beginning of the episode and simply stopping after a handful of the songs had been shown according to the time available.


Year Term Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Channel Details
1996-97 Autumn 1996 Thursday, 12:15pm BBC2
1997-98 Spring 1998 Thursday, 9:10am BBC2
1998-99 Spring 1999 Wednesday, 9:10am BBC2
1999-2000 Autumn 1999 Tuesday, 2:00am BBC2 30 Nov-1 Dec
2000-01 Autumn 2000 Monday, 2:00am BBC2 30-31 Oct
2001-02 Autumn 2001 Tuesday, 2:00am BBC2 30-31 Oct
2002-03 Autumn 2002 Tuesday, 2:00am BBC2 5-6 Nov
2003-04 Autumn 2003 Tuesday, 2:00am BBC2 18-19 Nov
2004-05 Summer 2005 Friday, 2:00am BBC2 20 May
2005-06 Autumn 2005 Friday, 4:00am BBC2 16 Sep
Spring 2006 Friday, 4:00am BBC2 27 Jan
2006-07 Spring 2007 Friday, 4:00am BBC2 19 Jan
2007-08 Spring 2008 Friday, 4:00am BBC2 1 Feb

This list of broadcasts only covers the main, 10 episode series, and not the extra Demo-Band and Songs episodes, which were screened separately but in roughly the same years.

CBBC Channel

The series was also broadcast on the CBBC Channel's Class TV strand of schools programmes in Autumn 2002, weekdays at 11:20am from 2nd to 13th December.


Presented by Marko Walther

Jessica König
Daniel Augustin
Esther Walk
Thomas Lindel
Miriam Casten

Voices Christina Fry

Nina Hamm
Frido Ruth as Rita and Rolli

Rita and Rolli Movement Artists Simona Bolletti

Debra Collister
Simon Rawlings
Angelo Piccigollo

Photography Chris Sutcliffe
Music Sandy Nuttgens

Mike Scott

Lyrics Steven Fawkes
Graphic Design and Animation Baxter Hobbins Sides
Computer Animation Aldis Animation at Molinare
Cartoon Stories Amanda Rainger
Consultant Deborah Walls
Education officer Steven Fawkes
Goethe-Institut Language Consultant Yolanda Schwager
Goethe-Institut Language and Cultural Consultant Karl Pfeiffer
Goethe-Institut Associate Producer Roland Dittrich
Director Scott Ross
Executive Producer Len Brown
Producer Ronald Smedley


Teacher's Notes

Teacher's Notes

A booklet containing teaching suggestions, pupils' worksheets and transcripts of all the episodes.

Written by Deborah Walls, illustrated by Phillip Morrison, designed by Steve Hollingshead, picture researcher Emma Segal.

A Hallo aus Berlin booklets were produced by Goeth-Institut to support the series elsewhere in the world, but not sold in the UK.

Audio cassette

Audio cassette

A cassette containing both lyrical and instrumental recordings of the songs from the series was released in the teacher's pack, so that pupils could record their own versions of the songs in the classroom.


The series was released on video by the BBC, in a pack with the teacher's notes and audio cassette.


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