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started7th Nov 1997
ended3rd Dec 1998
last rpt20th Nov 2002
6 school years
duration20 mins
age rangeAge 11-14Age 11-13 & Age 13-16
languagedeIn German

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Top! auf Deutsch is a Channel 4 Schools series from the 1990s & 2000s, covering German language for secondary school pupils.

A quiz-show in German for beginners. Teams consisting of a native German speaking captain paired with an English learner are set a variety of tasks in the studio that test their language skills, such as hunting for objects in a room, dressing up members of a family, a general knowledge quiz, observation and memory games, and following instructions to work out or reenact a film.

Text showing the words being used such as the objects being hunted are displayed on screen to help viewers.

The first unit of 5 programmes, titled simply Top! or Top! 1, is designed for absolute beginners, while the second unit of 5 more programmes titled Top! 2 is for slightly more advanced 'second-stage' beginners. Episodes in Top! 2 are themed on the topics of holidays, cooking, fashion, sport and cinema.

Parallel series in French and Spanish were made at the same time and broadcast alongside this German series.

Episode List

# # Title Broadcast
Top! 1
1. (1) Teil 1 #1997-11-07-00-00-007 Nov 1997
2. (2) Teil 2 #1997-11-14-00-00-0014 Nov 1997
3. (3) Teil 3 #1997-11-21-00-00-0021 Nov 1997
4. (4) Teil 4 #1997-11-28-00-00-0028 Nov 1997
5. (5) Teil 5 #1997-12-05-00-00-005 Dec 1997
Top! 2
6. (1) Top! Ferien #1998-11-05-00-00-005 Nov 1998
7. (2) Top! Kochen #1998-11-12-00-00-0012 Nov 1998
8. (3) Top! Mode #1998-11-19-00-00-0019 Nov 1998
9. (4) Top! Sport #1998-11-26-00-00-0026 Nov 1998
10. (5) Top! Kino #1998-12-03-00-00-003 Dec 1998


Year Term Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Channel Details
1997-98 Autumn 1997 Friday, 10:40am Channel 4
1998-99 Autumn 1998 Thursday, 11:10am Channel 4
Spring 1999 Tuesday, 4:00am+ Wednesday, 4:00am+ Channel 4 19th & 20th January
1999-2000 Autumn 1999 Thursday, 11:00am Channel 4
2000-01 Autumn 2000 Tuesday, 4:00am+ Wednesday, 4:00am+ Channel 4 26th & 27th September
2001-02 Summer 2002 Tuesday, 4:00am+ Wednesday, 4:00am+ Channel 4 14th & 15th May
2002-03 Autumn 2002 Tuesday, 4:00am+ Wednesday, 4:00am+ Channel 4 19th & 20th November


Presenter Christina Fry
Series adviser Rosa María Martín (Top! 2)
Executive producer Andrew Bethell
Producer Louise Clover
Director Peter Eyres


Learners' Books

Top! 1 Learners' Book

Transcripts of the programmes, activity worksheets and games were all released in a publication called a learners' book, for purchase by teachers, pupils or home learners.

Separate books were released for Top! 1 and Top! 2, each costing £4.95


Each of the two units was released on its own video at £19.99 including VAT each.



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