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started8th Mar 1994
ended22nd Mar 1994
last rpt11th Nov 2001
9 school years
duration25 mins
age rangeAge 16-19
languagedeIn German

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The German Collection is a German-language BBC schools TV series from the 1990s and 2000s, covering German Language for further education students.

A series of short features extracted from German TV programmes, to support A level students in presenting authentic and up-to-date German speech.

The series is a re-branded continuation of the earlier A Level German, in fact the first broadcasts billed as The German Programme in summer 1993 were simply a repeat of the five 20-minute episodes of A Level German which had been broadcast since the late 1980s, including two programmes called Fünf Wochen Im Herbst about Berlin around the fall of the wall.

Berlin during the five weeks in autumn

In summer 1994 three new 25-minute episodes were introduced with The German Collection branding, containing short clips from German TV including documentaries on young people and current social issues, and features such as a hidden camera stunt. Each episode concludes with a music video from a pop group.

The series followed the re-branding of all of the BBC's Advanced Level Studies and A Level TV programmes into Collections, such as The Statistics Collection, The Science Collection and The French Collection.

From 1996 the series was broadcast overnight as part of 'Night School TV' and the 'Learning Zone', with the two Berlin Wall episodes and three clips episodes making up a 1 hour 50 minute presentation. The final 10 minues of the 2 hour slot were taken up with a compilation of songs from the secondary schools series Hallo aus Berlin.

Episode List

# Title Broadcast
- It's a Man's World #1993-04-28-00-00-0028 Apr 1993
- Umwelt - Schütz oder Schmutz #1993-05-05-00-00-005 May 1993
- Gabriele Stiegler #1993-05-12-00-00-0012 May 1993
- Fünf Wochen Im Herbst, Teil 1 #1993-05-19-00-00-0019 May 1993
- Fünf Wochen Im Herbst, Teil 2 #1993-05-26-00-00-0026 May 1993
1. Leute Von Heute #1994-03-08-00-00-008 Mar 1994
2. Alltag #1994-03-15-00-00-0015 Mar 1994
3. Brennpunkte #1994-03-22-00-00-0022 Mar 1994

The summer 1993 broadcasts were repeats of all five prevailing episodes of A Level German, listed above with the dates that they were first shown as part of The German Collection.

The two Fünf Wochen Im Herbst episodes continued to be shown as episodes 1 & 2 in all subsequent broadcasts of The German Collection, with updated opening titles, making the three new episodes listed above actually episodes 3, 4 & 5 in typical broadcast order.


Year Term Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Channel Details
1992-93 Summer 1993 Wednesday, 11:15am BBC2 A Level German repeats
1993-94 Spring 1994 Tuesday, 11:40am Thursday, 9:00am BBC2
1994-95 Spring 1995 Wednesday, 1:00pm BBC2
1995-96 Summer 1996 Thursday, 2:00am+ BBC2 18 Apr
1996-97 -
1997-98 Summer 1998 Thursday, 2:00am BBC2 11 Jun
1998-99 Spring 1999 Thursday, 2:00am BBC2 28 Jan
1999-2000 -
2000-01 -
2001-02 Autumn 2001 Sunday, 3:00am+ BBC2 11 Nov


Consultant Yolanda Schwager, Goethe-Institute London
Offline editor Peter Harris
Online editor Simon Coldrick
Production assistant Kirsty Todd
Assistant producer Jennifer Davies
Series producer Len Brown


Teacher's Notes

The series was accompanied by a teacher's pack published by the BBC, containing notes, transcripts and photocopiable worksheets for £9.99.


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