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started23rd Feb 1999
ended23rd Mar 1999
last rpt1st Feb 2008
10 school years
duration20 mins
age rangeAge 14-16Age 13-16
languagede/enIn German & In English

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D-Mag is a German-language BBC schools TV series from the 1990s and 2000s, covering German Language for secondary school pupils.

A magazine programme of interviews, drama, performances and other features for students of German language - hence a Deutsch-Magazin or shortened further, D-Mag.

The programmes are anchored by a teenage presenter, Christina Einbock, who visits places and people and introduces other segments.


This is a series going by many titles. As well as the variations on Deutsch-Magazin it is also known in listings as German File, a parallel with other BBC secondary school series branded as Files in the 1990s, including English File, Maths File, History File and Belief File. That title is never used on screen though, where D-Mag seems to be the agreed title.

Watch Online BBC Most of the series is available to watch online on the BBC website, split into a series of individual clips.


The regular features of the series were presented in short clips, sometimes with more than one visit to a particular segment in each episode.

Bitte Deutsch Sprechen! - a drama in which two British teenagers on a school trip to Germany are given a mission to find and interview a particular person each day. The characters sometimes converse in English when they are alone, but the rules of the missions are to bitte Deutsch sprechen - only speak German!

Liebe Mal Vier - a serial drama about four teenagers - two girls and two boys - at school who are trying to ask each other out. English is also sometimes heard when the young Germans flirt during an English lesson.

Mit Christina Unterwegs - Christina travels around Germany, Austria and Switzerland meeting German-speaking people including dance troupes and engineers.

Christina in Switzerland

Deutsch Ohne Grenzen - Christina interviews German speakers from around the world, such as a family from Albania who explain life in their home country and why they came to speak German.

In addition there are fictionalised sequences woven into Christina's presentation, including a mountain rescue operation when she comes across an injured boy while talking about landscapes, a police reconstruction when a man she passes in the street is mugged, and even historical reenactments when she reads poetry by Goethe.

The series is based in the German town of Dresden Violet-marker.png , where both Bitte Deutsch Sprechen! and Liebe Mal Vier take place, with some excursions to other German-speaking areas and countries for Christina's segments.

Episode List

# Title Broadcast
1. Deutsch-Magazin 1 #1999-02-23-00-00-0023 Feb 1999
2. Deutsch-Magazin 2 #1999-03-02-00-00-002 Mar 1999
3. Deutsch-Magazin 3 #1999-03-09-00-00-009 Mar 1999
4. Deutsch-Magazin 4 #1999-03-16-00-00-0016 Mar 1999
5. Deutsch-Magazin 5 #1999-03-23-00-00-0023 Mar 1999


1999 slide

The series was broadcast weekly in the daytime just once, in Spring 1999, before all secondary schools programmes moved to overnight transmissions in the Learning Zone strand.

Year Term Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Channel Details
1998-99 Spring 1999 Tuesday, 11:50am BBC2 23 Feb to 23 Mar
Summer 1999 Thursday, 2:00am BBC2 17 Jun
1999-2000 Spring 2000 Thursday, 2:00am BBC2 6 Apr
2000-01 Summer 2001 Thursday, 2:00am BBC2 26 Apr
2001-02 Autumn 2001 Thursday, 2:00am BBC2 8 Nov
2002-03 Summer 2003 Thursday, 2:00am BBC2 15 May
2003-04 Summer 2004 Thursday, 4:00am BBC2 20 May
2004-05 Summer 2005 Thursday, 4:00am BBC2 19 May
2005-06 Spring 2006 Friday, 2:00am BBC2 27 Jan
2006-07 Spring 2007 Friday, 2:00am BBC2 19 Jan
2007-08 Spring 2008 Friday, 2:00am BBC2 1 Feb


Series presented by Christina Einbock
Bitte Deutsch Sprechen! starring Jessica Brookes as Joss Brown
Eliot Brown as Matt McKeigue
With Caroline Kaltofen woman at tram stop (episode 1)
Yong Sa Park-Hammerschmidt woman in tea shop (episode 1)
Katja Heiser as photo shop assistant (episode 2)
Eva Ulrich, Bernhard Steinert as farmers (episode 3)
Franzi Faselt as superwoman (episode 3)
Petra Scheunemann as woman at info desk (episode 4)
Lutz Müller as ticketseller (episode 4)
Suzanne Neubert as hiker (episode 4)
Robert Kuhne as teacher (episode 5)
Annett Grosser as climber (episode 5)
Writer & director Len Brown
Liebe Mal Vier starring Maja C. Domnick as Maja
Anina Fehr as Nina
Markus Rasswallner as Markus
Tobias Rinsche as Tobi
Writer Amanda Rainger
Bergrettung with Michael Ströher as injured boy
Tobias Wüllenweber as friend (episode 1)
August der Starke with Klaus Dietmar Matthes as The King (episode 2)
Goethe In Weimar with Axel Sichrovsky as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Jan Baake as Herzog Carl August (episode 4)
Polizei with Johannes Quester as victim
Kerstin Winkler as policewoman
Dirk Frenzel as policeman
Steffen Popp as first thug
Jan Rössler as second thug (episode 5)
Executive Producers for Goethe-Institut Dieter Arnsdorf

Hans-Ludwig Bauer

Language and cultural consultants Karl Pfeiffer
Yolanda Schwager
BBC Education Officer Steven Fawkes
Teacher Consultant Debbie Walls
Music Sandy Nuttgens
Mike Scott
Graphic design Adams Trainor
Editor Rick Spurway
Executive director/camera Len Brown
Director Scott Ross
Producer Susan Francis



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