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started14th Jan 1992
ended11th Feb 1992
last rpt29th Oct 1998
8 school years
duration15 mins
subject 💬LanguagesFrench Language
age rangeAge 13-16
languagefrIn French

Ici Paris is a French-language BBC schools TV series from the 1990s, covering French Language for secondary school pupils.

Jean and Sirine

A series about teenage life in Paris, presented by two teenagers from Paris. Jean and Sirine talk to each other in straightforward but naturalistic French, and introduce other French youngsters in 'vox pops' segments called Enquete micro-Trottoir, answering questions about their lives and interests.

The presenters' conversation is spoken at a pace which may seem fast to viewers so they have to watch a sequence back again or use visual clues to follow the gist. Meanwhile the students being interviewed, who attend the Lycée International in Paris, speak naturally but in a more controlled way and with repetition of similar vocabulary between interviewees to aid comprehension.

The series was a follow-on to the series Quinze Minutes and formed the second year contribution to the five-year-long (secondary school leading up to GCSE exams) French language course called Etoiles from the BBC and the publisher Longman. It follows the philosophy of the Etoiles course, which was to expose viewing students to real spoken French which they may not immediately understand but will find interesting enough in content and context to persuade them to be taught how to understand it.


# Title Broadcast
1. Paris - ville internationale #1992-01-14-00-00-0014 Jan 1992
2. Paris - au jour le jour #1992-01-21-00-00-0021 Jan 1992
3. Paris - la banlieu et la campagne #1992-01-28-00-00-0028 Jan 1992
4. Paris - art et téchnologie #1992-02-04-00-00-004 Feb 1992
5. Paris - jeune #1992-02-11-00-00-0011 Feb 1992

The series was first shown in Spring 1992.


Consultant David Edwards
Producer Luis España


A comprehensive booklet of teacher's notes written by Pauline Sterling, and a video release.

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