Spring 2004

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The Way Things Work
(BBC2, Thursdays 10:50am)
Maths Adventure
(Radio 4, Fridays 3:30am)
Look and Read
(BBC2, Tuesdays 11:05am)
Sarah and the Whammi
(Channel 4, Tuesdays 4:45am)
(BBC2 Scotland, Tuesdays 10:50am)
Music Workshop
(Radio 4, Fridays 4:40am)
CBBC Class TV timetable
Channel 4 primary schools schedule

BBC Radio

BBC Radio 4 Digital

03:00 3:00 NumbertimeMental Maths Year 2 3:00 Something to Think AboutThe Wonder of... / Things We Remember 3:00 TogetherFirsts / Project Nature / Four Saints 3:00 StarshipKS1 Starship English / KS1 Starship Maths 3:00 Revisewise
03:15 3:15 Alphabet Time 3:15 Counting Time 3:15 Let's MoveBritish Folk Dance / Folk Dances from Around the World 3:15 Time and TunePeter Pan
3:25 Stories and RhymesFairytales
03:30 3:30 Maths AdventureYear 5 / Year 6
3:35 Time to MoveHow Loon Outsmarted Winter / Rhythms of Spring / British Folk Dance 3:35 Tales From Europe
3:40 Hopscotch
03:45 3:45 Words Alive!Space Search / The Wind in the Willows
3:50 School PlaysSchool Plays 3
3:55 Hop, Skip and Jump
4:05 Let's Sing... a StoryAnansi / Cinderella 4:05 Drama Workshop
4:10 Stop, Think, Wonder 4:10 MegamathsMental Maths Year 3
4:20 Dance WorkshopHeroes / Tudor Dance / Tudor Exploration
4:25 Scottish Secondary Higher StillModern Studies / History / Geography 4:25 Scottish Secondary English for S1 & S2Language Skills: Big Issues 4:25 Just Prose 4:25 First Steps in DramaThe Greeks / A New World / Storytelling
4:40 Talking PointsSpirituality 4 / Worldview 4 4:40 Listen and WriteStorywriting / Poetry / Plays / Romeo & Juliet 4:40 Music WorkshopMacbeth
04:45 4:45 Time for DramaThe Romans / Get Up and Go 4:45 Music for Dance: The Elements

BBC Radio Ulster MW

11:05 One Potato, Two Potato
11:20 Today and Yesterday
11:40 Hurley BurleyHurley Burley 4

BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal

11:25 Snas Earranta
11:35 Fiream-Faram
11:40 Sgeul an Òrain

BBC Radio Wales

WEEK 1w/c 12 Jan '04 WEEK 2w/c 19 Jan '04 WEEK 3w/c 26 Jan '04 WEEK 4w/c 2 Feb '04 WEEK 5w/c 9 Feb '04
01:00 1:00 World War II in Wales 1:00 Nursery Rhymes 1:00 The Mabinogi 1:00 Toadstools 1:00 Speak for Yourself 1:00 Bobinogs

BBC Radio Cymru

WYTHNOS 1w/d 12 Ion '04 WYTHNOS 2w/d 19 Ion '04 WYTHNOS 3w/d 26 Ion '04 WYTHNOS 4w/d 2 Chwe '04 WYTHNOS 5w/d 9 Chwe '04
02:30 2:30 Hwyl Gyda Rhifau 2:30 Molwn 2:30 Caws Llyffant 2:30 Bobinogi

Notes & New Programmes

Programmes on Radio 4 and Radio Ulster began in the week commencing Monday 12th January and ran until Friday 26th March 2004. There were no programmes in the week beginning 16th February due to half term.

Scots Gaelic programmes on Radio Nan Gaidheal began at the same time but did not have a week off so they finished one week earlier. Other short children's and educational programmes followed the schools programmes on Radio Nan Gaidheal until 12:00. The series Snas Earranta was new this term, accompanying the TV series Snas.

The schools programmes on Radio Wales replaced the station's relay of the BBC World Service for half an hour a night on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings in the first half of term. Similarly Radio Cymru's schools programmes replaced their relay of Radio 5 on the same week nights, but only for the first 4 weeks of term.

The fourth series of Hurley Burley on Radio Ulster was new this term[1]. On Radio 4 Maths Adventure for Year 5 and Year 6 was new this term. The series had begun in autumn 2003 with a series of programmes for Year 3 and Year 4 hosted by Matt Mattics from the TV series Maths Challenge, but these spring term programmes had a presenter called Kate and a time-travelling maths machine called Tempo.

There were two new units of Time to Move this term, Rhythms of Spring (originally billed as Beginnings) and How Loon Outsmarted Winter (originally Myths & Legends). All of this term's Stop, Think, Wonder programmes were new, and so was Just Prose.

BBC Television

BBC2 England - Daytime

10:20 Science Clips 10:20 The Magic Key
10:30 10:30 StarshipKS1 National Tests Literacy / KS1 National Tests Numeracy
10:35 WatchBarnaby Bear 3 / Barnaby Bear 1, etc
10:50 Look and ReadZzaap and the Word Master / Shadow Play 10:50 Pod's Mission 10:50 The Way Things Work 10:50 Science Clips
11:00 11:00 Pathways of BeliefThe Bible and the Qur'an 11:00 Let's Write Non-Fiction
11:05 MegamathsProblem Solving 11:05 Look and ReadSpell It Out 11:05 What? Where? When? Why?Trees / Pets & Animals / Technology / Science
11:10 MegamathsShape / Measure
11:20 Maths ChallengeTV Workout Year 6 11:20 Primary Geography PostcardsBangladesh 11:20 Science Clips 11:20 Primary GeographyMexico 11:20 Primary HistoryThe Aztecs / Children in Victorian Britain
11:30 11:30 English ExpressGrammar and Writing / Language Knowledge
11:40 Primary HistorySaxons and Vikings 11:40 Primary GeographyPortrait of Europe
11:50 See You, See MePicts and Scots / Scottish Physical Features / Making Decisions
12:10 Around ScotlandBruce's Scotland / Scotland During the Time of Mary Queen of Scots / Europe: France
13:00 13:00 NumbertimeTime 13:00 NumbertimeMoney
13:15 13:15 Words and PicturesPhonics Special 13:15 Words and Pictures PlusConsonant Clusters

BBC2 Northern Ireland


as England except:

12:10-12:30 Primary Focus


as England.


as England.


as England.


as England.

BBC2 Scotland


as England.


as England except:

10:50-11:05 Snas


as England.


as England.


as England.

BBC2 Wales


as England.


as England except:

11:20-11:30 Bobinogs


as England.


as England except:

11:20-11:30 Bobinogs (from 4th March)


as England.


WEEK 1w/c 12 Jan '04 WEEK 2w/c 19 Jan '04 WEEK 3w/c 26 Jan '04 WEEK 4w/c 2 Feb '04 WEEK 5w/c 9 Feb '04
09:00 9:00/10:50 The Way Things Work 9:00/10:50 The Way Things Work 9:00/10:50 The Way Things Work 9:00/10:50 The Way Things Work 9:00/10:50 The Way Things Work
09:15 9:15/11:05 NumbertimeShapes 9:15/11:05 NumbertimeSide by Side 9:15/11:05 NumbertimeTime 9:15/11:05 NumbertimeTime 9:15/11:05 NumbertimeMoney
09:30 9:30/11:20 Look and ReadCloud Burst 9:30/11:20 Look and ReadThe Boy From Space 9:30/11:20 Look and ReadDark Towers 9:30/11:20 Look and ReadThrough the Dragon's Eye 9:30/11:20 Look and ReadEarth Warp
9:50/11:40 Zig ZagThe Invaders 9:50/11:40 Primary HistoryThe Romans in Britain 9:50/11:40 Primary HistorySaxons & Vikings 9:50/11:50 (various programmes)Let's Write a Story / Coming to England / Watch / Something Special 9:50/11:50 (various programmes)Let's Write a Story / New Kid in Class / Primary History / Primary Geography / Hands Up! 9:50/11:50 (various programmes)Let's Write a Story / Social Inclusion Dramas / Primary History / Primary Geography / Hands Up!
10:10/12:00 Primary GeographyMountains & Coasts 10:10/12:00 Primary GeographyWeather, People & Place
10:30 10:30/12:20 Music MakersProfessor Allegro's World of Music 10:30 Music MakersInfinity Diner
12:40 Maths ChallengeTV Workout Year 5 12:30 Maths ChallengeTV Workout Year 6 12:40 Look and ReadSpelling with the Spellits 12:40 Primary Geography 12:40 Look and ReadSpelling with the Spellits 12:40 Primary Geography 12:40 Let's Write a Story 12:40 Primary Geography

WEEK 6w/c 1 Mar '04 WEEK 7w/c 8 Mar '04 WEEK 8w/c 15 Mar '04 WEEK 9w/c 22 Mar '04 WEEK 10w/c 29 Mar '04
09:00 9:00/10:50 NumbertimeNumbers 1-10 9:00/10:50 NumbertimeNumbers 11-20 9:00/10:50 NumbertimeNumbers up to 100 9:00/10:50 NumbertimeAddition & Subtraction 9:00 (revision programmes)episodes of 'Starship', 'Look and Read', 'Let's Write a Story', 'Numbertime', 'Maths Challenge', 'Revisewise Shorts', 'Revisewise Challenge' and 'Revisewise Challenge at Home'
09:15 9:15/11:05 Words and Pictures PlusConsonant Clusters 9:15/11:05 Words and Pictures PlusLong Vowels / Word Endings 9:15/11:05 Words and PicturesPhonics Special 9:15/11:05 Words and PicturesPhonics Year 2
09:30 9:30/11:20 (various programmes)Mondays: Literacy - English Express / Let's Write Non-Fiction 9:30/11:20 (various programmes)Tuesdays: PSHE - Focus
Wednesdays: History - See You, See Me / Primary History
9:30/11:20 (various programmes)Thursdays: Geography - See You, See Me / Primary Geography 9:30/11:20 (various programmes)Fridays: Watch / Pod's Mission / Pathways of Belief
12:20 Primary Geography 12:20 Primary Geography 12:20 Primary Geography 12:20 Primary Chat Guide (revision programmes continued)
12:30 12:30 English ExpressOwn Goal 12:30 Testament: The Bible in Animation 12:30 Testament: The Bible in Animation 12:30 English ExpressOwn Goal (rpt)

Notes & New Programmes

Primary schools programmes shown during the daytime on BBC2 ran from Monday 12th January to Friday 2nd April 2004. There were no programmes in the weeks beginning 16th & 23rd February, which leaves 10 weeks of schools broadcasts altogether.

Programmes on the CBBC Channel ran from Monday 5th January to Friday 2nd April 2004, with the same two weeks off as BBC2 giving 11 weeks in total. The week beginning 5th January (which is not included in the grid above) consisted of back-to-back repeats of several complete Look and Read stories, plus the Megamaths: Tables series, occupying the entire morning. The Look and Read broadcasts are documented on this site's pages about Look and Read. The final week of term consisted of exam revision programmes as shown in the grid.

Schools programmes in the "Class TV" block on the CBBC Channel ran for four hours daily. Programmes began at 9:00, then roughly the same programmes were shown again from 10:50, and finally there was another block of programmes after 12:00. Depending on the length of programmes to be shown after 12:00, the programme from 10:30 would either be repeated at 12:20, or replaced with a shorter 12:20 programme. Most of the 9:00 programmes were simply repeated from 10:50, but some series such as Look and Read would have a second, different episode shown.

New primary school programmes on BBC TV this term included the very last Look and Read story, Shadow Play, and a third series of Barnaby Bear programmes in Watch. Science Clips and The Way Things Work both began in the autumn and continued with new episodes this term. In fact from 20th January onwards new episodes of The Way Things Work were shown first on the CBBC Channel. I think this was the first time any schools programme was premiered on the CBBC Channel before being broadcast on BBC2. The Primary Chat Guide, a 10-minute programme on internet safety, was also premiered on the CBBC Channel on Monday 22nd March, and repeated at the same time throughout that week.

The new TV drama series Snas was new this term on BBC2 Scotland, there was also a radio companion called Snas Earranta. The Scottish Gaelic children's magazine programme De a-nis? included a feature on Snas in its edition of 15th January 2004. There were two new episodes of Around Scotland (by far the longest-running schools programme in Britain) at the beginning of term called Election Day, based on the 2003 Scottish Parliamentary Elections. These episodes were shown at 11:50 on Mondays, the slot normally taken by See You, See Me, and as such were the only episodes of Around Scotland to be seen in Northern Ireland this term. In Wales there were new TV and radio episodes of Bobinogs.

There was a new one-off compilation programme called Bini Special Needs, shown on Tuesday 23rd March at 10:50, replacing Pod's Mission and Look and Read.

Learning Zone

01:00 1:00 Languages and Travel
02:00 2:00 WorkSkills 2:00 SchoolsRevisewise 2:00 Schools 2:00 SchoolsGCSE Bitesize Revision

Notes & New Programmes

The Learning Zone was broadcast 7 days a week in the early hours of the morning on BBC2. For the very first time this term the programmes were arranged into "theme nights" and standardised to start mostly at 2:00am, apparently "so similar programmes are brought together on a single night, making it easier for you to record them."[2] Up until Autumn 2003 the schools programmes were be broadcast for a few hours each night and followed by language or other types of programmes, and the Learning Zone began at different times between 0:30am and 3:00am each night (as in autumn 1998 for example).

Open University and General Interest programmes were shown on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 2:00am to 6:00am. Spring term programmes began on Saturday 10th January, and the standard school term programmes finished on Friday 2nd April 2004. There was no half term break. Open University and WorkSkills programmes continued uninterrupted throughout the Easter holidays, including over Easter weekend itself. GCSE Bitesize Revision programmes (aimed at school pupils, to record themselves outside school) were shown on Tuesday to Friday mornings at 2:00am to 6:00am throughout the Easter holidays.

The Languages & Travel strand on Tuesday mornings included programmes on Italian, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Japanese this term. The majority of Schools programmes on the Learning Zone this term were exam revision programmes shown in 2-hour blocks.

On Wednesday mornings there were Revisewise at Home, Revisewise Challenge at Home, and Revisewise at School programmes for Key Stage 2 National Tests in English, Maths and Science. (There were also several Revisewise Shorts 10-minute programmes shown in the daytime schedules on Tuesdays in the last 2 weeks of term).

On Thursdays there were standard secondary schools programmes, including English File, History File, Scene, and Turning Points. There were also a number of Revisewise Challenge at School programmes.

On Fridays there were GCSE Bitesize Revision programmes on English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Design & Technology, French, German and Spanish.

The interactive teen drama L8R began this term, the first four 10-minute episodes were shown when they could be fitted in on Thursday mornings at 5:50am throughout February and March 2004. There was a new one-off half-hour play on the morning of 15th January called I'm a Juvenile Delinquent, Jail Me!, about a reality TV show manipulating a gang of kids into anti-social behaviour.

There was a compilation of Scottish programmes on the morning of 4th March, including some new programmes on English and geography, there was a new episode of Techno: Designing Your Future on the morning of 26th February, and there were two new history programmes on Seven Journeys in the American West and The Arab-Israeli Conflict on the morning of 29th January.

Independent Television

Channel 4 - Daytime

WEEK 1w/c 12 Jan '04 WEEK 2w/c 19 Jan '04 WEEK 3w/c 26 Jan '04 WEEK 4w/c 2 Feb '04 WEEK 5w/c 9 Feb '04
09:30 9:30 Life StuffWorking Week 9:30 Life StuffFrom the Top 9:30 Teen Big Brother 9:30 Teen Big Brother 9:30 Life StuffWorking Week
9:55 Scientific EyeMaterials & Their Properties 9:55 Scientific EyeMaterials & Their Properties 2 9:55 What's This Channel 4? 9:55 Life StuffThis Teen Life
10:00 10:00 The MixExpress Yourself 10:00 Science Bank 2
10:15 10:15 The Hoobs 10:15 The Hoobs 10:15 The Hoobs 10:15 The Hoobs
10:20 Rewind
10:40 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2003Voyage in Space & Time 10:40 The Number Crew 10:40 The Writing House 10:40 Tate Modern 10:40 Decisions
10:45 10:45 The Number Crew 10:45 Rewind
10:50 A Victorian Diary
10:55 Tate Modern 10:55 Geography Junction: Jamaica
11:00 11:00 Maths 4 Real
11:05 Maths 4 Real 11:05 Life StuffThe A-Z of Drugs / The A-Z of Love & Sex
11:10 Off LimitsLooking After the Penneys
11:15 11:15 How We Used To LiveAll Change
11:20 Design Solutions
11:30 11:30 Arrows of Desire 11:30 Teen Big Brother
11:35 Arrows of Desire 11:35 Life StuffWorking Week 11:35 Film Focus21st Century Bard: The Making of Twelfth Night / Animation 11:35 Life StuffFrom the Top 11:35 Decisions 11:35 Modern StudiesA Nation Once Again
11:55 Tate Modern 11:55 Making It

WEEK 6w/c 23 Feb '04 WEEK 7w/c 1 Mar '04 WEEK 8w/c 8 Mar '04 WEEK 9w/c 15 Mar '04 WEEK 10w/c 22 Mar '04
09:30 9:30 Life StuffFrom the Top 9:30 GCSEaseThe Business / Holiday Maker 9:30 GCSEaseHoliday Maker / Hot Wired 9:30 GCSEaseHot Wired / Health & Social Care 9:30 GCSEaseHealth & Social Care
9:55 The Illustrated Mum 9:55 Life StuffThis Teen Life 9:55 The Scots Detective 9:55 ForumAll Together Now 9:55 The Write Stuff 9:55 Middle EnglishHenry V 9:55 Extra en FrançaisSeries 1 9:55 Extra auf DeutschSeries 1
10:15 10:15 The Hoobs 10:15 The Hoobs 10:15 The Hoobs
10:20 Life StuffMore Than Love 10:20 The Hoobs
10:40 The Samuel Beckett Film Project 10:40 Book BoxWhat's So Good About...? 10:40 The Number CrewCalculations 2 10:40 Tartan Jam
10:45 10:45 Rewind 10:45 Stop Look ListenWater, Moon, Candle, Tree & Sword
10:50 Stop Look ListenOkey Cokey Karaoke
10:55 Beckett on Film 10:55 Stop Look ListenJack and the Beanstalk
11:00 11:00 Being Different
11:05 Life StuffThe A-Z of Love & Sex / Dealing with Drugs 11:05 Scientific EyePhysical Processes 3
11:10 Citizen Power 11:10 Inset 11:10 Film FocusAnimation
11:25 We Are From... 11:25 Book BoxWhat's So Good About...?
11:30 11:30 Teen Big Brother
11:35 What's This Channel 4? 11:35 Citizen Power 11:35 Life StuffMore Than Love 11:35 Classic Short Prose
11:40 Place and PeopleOn the Map

S4C - Daytime


as Channel 4.


as Channel 4 (some programmes rearranged) except:

11:30 Yr Allwedd Hud / Tacteg Gwyddoniaeth

11:45-12:00 Bobinogi


as Channel 4 (some programmes rearranged) except:

11:30-12:00 Gwyddoniaeth


as Channel 4 (some programmes rearranged) except:

11:30 Gwyddoniaeth

11:45-12:00 Bobinogi / Cristnogaeth


as Channel 4 (some programmes rearranged).

Channel 4 - Nightime

04:00 4:00 Faith in Action 4:00 Inset 4:00 Off LimitsParenting Stories / 4:00 Peak Performance
04:15 4:15 Middle EnglishCinderella / The Many Cinderellas
4:20 Design Solutions
4:25 Rat-a-Tat-TatThe Word Machine 4:25 Making It
04:30 4:30 Star Maths 3 4:30 Star Maths
4:35 Star Maths
4:40 Making It 4:40 Making It
04:45 4:45 Sarah and the Whammi 4:45 Rat-a-Tat-TatThe Word Machine
4:50 The Number CrewShape & Space 1 / Shape & Space 2
05:00 5:00 Geography JunctionThe Rhone / 5:00 La Tienda de Luis 5:00 Henning's Haus 5:00 Chez Mimi
05:15 5:15 We Are From 5:15 We Are From 5:15 The MixMusic Search
05:30 5:30 Book BoxAnimated Tales of the World 1 5:30 Book BoxAnimated Tales of the World 2
05:45 5:45 Book BoxWhat's So Good About...? 5:45 Stop Look ListenFamous People 2 5:45 Star Maths 5:45 Book BoxAnimated Tales of the World 2
5:55 Making It

Notes & New Programmes

All Channel 4 schools programmes (billed under the "4Learning" banner) ran from Monday 12th January to Friday 26th March 2004, with no programmes in the week beginning 16th February due to half term. Both daytime and night-time schedules had a mix of programmes for primary schools and secondary schools. The night-time schedule was actually far more disorganised and hard to follow than the grid on this page suggests! Wednesday morning was particularly untidy, with double episodes and programmes with different start times practically every week. Making It was used as a filler whenever programmes in the night-time schedule ran short, in addition to all the broadcasts shown above.

The Channel 4 programmes which were pre-empted by S4C's Welsh schools programmes at 11:30am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays were still shown in Wales. They were shown in the 9:00-9:30am slot the following day (Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays). This meant that often on Fridays S4C would show one episode of a series at 9:00-9:30am, and then the next episode at 11:30am-12:00noon. This did not always work smoothly - if Channel 4 did not schedule a convenient half-hour programme at 11:30am, S4C had to rearrange the schedules to drop half an hour from another time. So even though they were showing the same programmes, Channel 4 & S4C often showed them in a different order. In the week of 15th March Channel 4 & S4C had horse racing coverage at 8:30-9:30am, and S4C did not add the 9:00 schools programmes in that week. I believe S4C showed The English Programme in place of Modern Studies in week 4, though this may simply be a discrepancy in the listings.

The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2003 shown in the first week of term were - obviously - new this term, having been first shown on Channel 4 over the Christmas holidays. The dramatisation of Jacqueline Wilson's The Illustrated Mum was shown in 4 parts for the first time this term, although it had previously been broadcast as a feature-length single programme for schools and for general audiences in December 2003.

The final series of The Number Crew was first shown this term, with 5 programmes on Shape and Space for 5-6 year olds and another 5 for 6-7 year olds. There were also new episodes of Arrows of Desire and Faith in Action, two new units of GCSEase: Hot Wired and Health and Social Care, and four new units of Life Stuff: Working Week, From the Top, Decisions and More Than Love.

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  1. According to listings on TRILT: the Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching, Hurley Burley and Today and Yesterday switched places after half term on Radio Ulster, so the Hurley Burley programmes were on at 11:20 for 20 minutes, and the Today and Yesterday programmes were on at 11:40 for 10 minutes. I don't believe this is accurate, however, as Hurley Burley was a new series of 10 episodes which must have all been the same length. BBC (2003a) also confirms that Today and Yesterday was on for 20 minutes in the same timeslot all year.
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