Look and Read: Through the Dragon's Eye

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started19th Sep 1989
ended28th Nov 1989
last rpt8th Feb 2008
19 school years
duration20 mins
subject 📚EnglishLanguage & Reading
age rangeAge 7-9
languageenIn English
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Through the Dragon's Eye is a unit of the BBC schools TV series Look and Read from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, covering Language and Reading for primary school pupils.

This page about the Look and Read story Through the Dragon's Eye is not yet finished.
But you can still read my old web pages about the story at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine on this link:
Look and Read.myby.co.uk - Through the Dragon's Eye

Developing the trend of having more involved stories in Look and Read throughout the 80s, this series finally did away with Wordy, along with the whole concept of separate learning bits. Instead, we get almost the entire programme taken up with telling the story, with just one quick song in the middle.

The story itself was all-out fantasy, with three kids pulled into a mural they'd painted in their playground and asked to help save the dying land of Pelamar by retrieving the missing parts of its mysterious power source, the Veetacore. This involves a lot of trying to read difficult passages, and charging off round the neighbouring country of Widge, inhabited by the horrible furry little Widgets. The children are lead and helped by a flying dragon called Gorwen and a big talking mouse called Rodey (who inherited the arrogance and the voice - Charles Collingwood's - of Wordy). Until they succeed, Pelamar turns increasingly barren and its inhabitants just fade away to nothing. The situation is further complicated by the big baddie Charn, who wants to hijack the Veetacore for his own evil purposes.

The story, by the way, seems to owe a great deal to the Chronicles of Narnia: Gorwen is Aslan, obviously, and Charn was the name of that dead world that Digory and that girl rescued that woman from in The Magician's Nephew. Well I can't really remember much about the book, but that world was definitely called Charn. Also, notice the large number of former Look and Read cast members reunited here: Charles Collingwood, as mentioned above, plus Dark Towers and Fair Ground! narrator Sean Barrett doing Gorwen's voice, and David Collings in his third Look and Read role (following twin appearances in Dark Towers) as Charn.


Quick episode list

# Title Broadcast
1. The Dragon From Pelamar 19 Sep 1989
2. Flight to Widge 26 Sep 1989
3. The First Veeton 3 Oct 1989
4. Word Magic 10 Oct 1989
5. Clues in the Snow 17 Oct 1989
6. Jenny's Scarf 31 Oct 1989
7. The Waterfall of Words 7 Nov 1989
8. The Great Battle 14 Nov 1989
9. Danger on High! 21 Nov 1989
10. The Final Page 28 Nov 1989

Episode descriptions from the Radio Times

Num Title Broadcast
1. The Dragon From Pelamar 19 Sep 1989
  Jenny, Scott and Amanda mysteriously pass through a mural they've been painting and find themselves in the magical land of Pelamar. There, Gorwen the dragon has a momentous task for them.
2. Flight to Widge 26 Sep 1989
  Gorwen the dragon believes that the missing Veetons must have fallen beyond the mountains in the strange land of Widge. A search party is formed, and the quest begins to save the land of Pelamar from certain destruction.
3. The First Veeton 3 Oct 1989
  The problem with Widge is its inhabitants - the Widgets. These are mischievous little creatures who go out of their way to make life as difficult as possible for the search party as they begin their quest.
4. Word Magic 10 Oct 1989
  The Widgets have hidden the first Veeton inside a huge book tree. While Boris and Amanda go in search of the Veeton, Scott and the dragon Gorwen search for their missing friend Rodey.
5. Clues in the Snow 17 Oct 1989
  Doris is frightened, and too scared even to speak to Boris on the videophone. Charn, the evil one, has returned to Pelamar.
6. Jenny's Scarf 31 Oct 1989
  Amanda has rescued Boris's magic rucksack from the Widgets, but she finds herself lost in the snow. Jenny has persuaded Charn to let Morris knit her a special scarf.
7. The Waterfall of Words 7 Nov 1989
  'No-one can face Charn and live. Only Gorwen has a chance... ' As Gorwen prepares for his challenge, word magic again comes to the aid of the search party.
8. The Great Battle 14 Nov 1989
  The dragon Gorwen has returned to Pelamar to do battle with the evil Charn.
9. Danger on High! 21 Nov 1989
  The veetarod has fallen down a deep chasm in the tunnel. Rocey bravely volunteers to rescue it - it's their only hope.
10. The Final Page 28 Nov 1989
  The search party are in a race against time to rescue the last Veeton and return it to save Pelamar and Gorwen, who has virtually faded away.


Starring Sean Barrett as Gorwen (voice)

David Collings as Charn
Simon Fenton as Scott Bates
Marlaine Gordon as Amanda Jackson
Nicola Stewart as Jenny
Carolyn Pickles as Doris
Timothy Lyn as Boris
Michael Heath as Morris
Charles Collingwood as Rodey (voice)
Katie Hebb as Rodey (puppeteer)
and the Puppet Factory

With Peter Bonner
Chris Burke
Samantha Burroughs
Willie Coppen
Melanie Dixon
Raymond Griffiths
Peter Mandell
Sandra Nicholson
Kate Purvis
and Nicky Reed as Widgets
Singers Derek Griffiths
Julie Stevens
Jeremy Birchall
Written by Christopher and Christine Russell
Music by Roger Limb
Design Kathy Atty
Maggie Carroll
Reading consultant Mary Hoffman
Assistant producers Sophie Neville
Di Millward
Producer Sue Weeks
Film animation Tomcat Animations
Graphic designer Joanna Cheese
Background painting Ray Rankine
Lighting cameraman Bill Dudman
Videotape editor Steve Knattress
Video effects Dave Jervis
Visual effects designer Mike Ellis
Camera operator Chris Kochanowicz
Sound Ron Keightley
Brian Clark
Costume designer Andrew Rose
Make-up designer Martha Livesley
Production unit manager Chris D'Oyly-John
Assistant floor manager Charles Whaley
Production assistants Louise E. Kobrak
Jane Sprague


Here is a list of all of the broadcasts of this story on the BBC. Unless your teachers managed to get the video recorder to work, this is when you would have seen it in school. See the Schedules section for precise dates and times.



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