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This section is all about the broadcasts of Look and Read.


These quick-reference tables show the complete history of Look and Read broadcasts on BBC1 & BBC2, from the very beginning in 1967 right up to the end in 2010.

The full pages give the date and time of every broadcast of Look and Read programmes on the main BBC channels, ever. The only known omission is that Out of School broadcasts (previews for teachers and parents during the school holidays) are not currently covered. But all transmissions to schools are!

CBBC Channel

From February 2002 until March 2008 schools programmes were shown on the CBBC Channel in a block called "Class TV". However this has now stopped.

The latest "service licence" for CBBC, issued by the BBC Trust in April 2008, only requires that the Channel shows "factual programming", rather than "factual and schools programming"[1]. The Channel therefore plans to show their own factual programmes rather than any schools programmes, which are owned and managed by a different department of the BBC.

CBBC's final schools programme was English Express: Own Goal episode 5, on 20th March 2008. Their final Look and Read story was Through the Dragon's Eye, in February 2008.

Other Broadcasts

Other known broadcasts:

  • Zzaap and the Word Master was shown several times on Teachers' TV in the UK. The first run was 25th July - 1st August 2005.

If you have details of any other broadcasts of Look and Read, please get in touch by email or on the forum.

  1. Changes to the CBBC Channel service licence - the BBC Trust "Service Licence reissue, April 2008 Explanatory note on the variations" pp.11-12 explains that "the Trust has agreed that CBBC may cease broadcast of schools programming."