Look and Read: Sky Hunter II

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started14th Jan 1992
ended24th Mar 1992
last rpt27th Apr 2007
16 school years
duration20 mins
subject 📚EnglishLanguage & Reading
age rangeAge 7-9
languageenIn English
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Sky Hunter II is a unit of the BBC schools TV series Look and Read from the 1990s, covering Language and Reading for primary school pupils.

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Look and Read.myby.co.uk - Sky Hunter II

Producer Sue Weeks, along with Charles Collingwood as Wordy, make their exit from Look and Read with a revival of the classic story Sky Hunter first shown in 1978.

After the extremely expensive Through The Dragon's Eye in 1989, the next Look and Read story needed to be reasonably cheap. So following the model of The Boy From Space, the 1970s story that was brought back with new teaching bits in the 1980s, they decided to revive one of the archive Look and Read stories and just give it new, updated teaching segments, with the idea that this would be quicker and cheaper than doing a whole new story. It was neither, and Sky Hunter II, intended to be launched in Spring 1991, was not completed until May of that year and did not reach screens until 1992.

The original child cast was brought back for this revival, and they joined Wordy to do the teaching bits, looking back on their past adventures. Jackie, Butch and Trevor are now in their late twenties and as a result of their exploits with Mr Trim and the peregrine, are working on a touring bus for the RSPB. Wordy joins them on this bus along with Derek Griffiths as an impertinent bird puppet, Jay. Oh, and also Jackie's cousin Sharon - who owned the boat the kids were staying on in Sky Hunter - has got married to the Birdman.


The titles of episodes 4 and 9 were changed from the original Sky Hunter, I believe this was under advice from the reading consultant Mary Hoffman.

# Title Broadcast
1. Strangers on the Canal 14 Jan 1992
2. For Sale 21 Jan 1992
3. The Birdman 28 Jan 1992
4. Too Many Crooks 4 Feb 1992
5. The Welsh Telegram 11 Feb 1992
6. Proof at Last 18 Feb 1992
7. A Friend in Need 3 Mar 1992
8. Where is Jackie? 10 Mar 1992
9. Trim's Tricks 17 Mar 1992
10. Back to the Wild 24 Mar 1992


Starring Geoffrey Bayldon as Mr Charles Trim

Luke Batchelor as Butch
Isobil Nisbet as Cat Mary
Emma Jean Richards as Sharon
Mike Savage as Badger
Jayne Tottman as Jackie
Donald Waugh as Trevor
Lennox Greaves as the Birdman
Charles Collingwood as Wordy
Katie Hebb as Wordy puppeteer
Derek Griffiths as Jay
Mary Edwards as Jay puppeteer
Susan Kodicek as the parakeets

Singers Derek Griffiths
Julie Stevens
Jane Carr
Written by Leonard Kingston
Music by Roger Limb
Design John Bone
Colin Green
Maggie Carroll
Reading consultants Mary Hoffman
Jane Bunting
Story director Roger Tonge
Producer Sue Weeks
Lyrics by Rosanna Hibbert
Mary Hoffman
Gordon Snell
Film animation Richard Taylor
Cosutme design Dennis Brack
Annie Harding
Make-up designer Ann Pollard
Props buyer Brenda Barker
Film cameraman Colin Munn
PSC cameraman Robert Pascall
PSC sound Dick Manton
Sound Bob Roberts
Brian Clark
Film editor John Lyte
Studio lighting Duncan Brown
Resource co-ordinator John Latus
CREW 1 Peter Fox
Vision mixer Graham Giles
Videotape editor Mike Thomas
Video effects Dave Jervis
Floor manager Sharon Porter
Assistant floor manager Clive Chenery
Production assistant Amarjit Ram
With The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Forestry Commission


Here is a list of all of the broadcasts of this story on the BBC. Unless your teachers managed to get the video recorder to work, this is when you would have seen it in school. See the Schedules section for precise dates and times.

Sky Hunter II was scheduled to be shown on the CBBC Channel in Spring 2005, but due to a technical mix up where the wrong details were entered into the BBC's "transmission database", the original Sky Hunter was shown instead.


Assertions about the expense and original scheduling of this story in the introduction are given with reference to original scripts, recording dates given on the public version of the BBC Programme Catalogue and private research.

Assertions about the scheduling of this story on the CBBC Channel in the Broadcasts section are based on timetables released by the BBC and information received directly from the BBC.



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