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This is a preview of schools TV and radio programmes planned to go out during the summer term 2011.

This page is based on draft scheduling plans which are subject to change. This page may not get updated until after the end of term. Up-to-date schedule details should be available from the official websites linked below.

BBC Radio

BBC Radio 4 Digital

03:00 03:00 Listen and PlaySounding Out 03:00 The Song TreeBeside the Sea 03:00 TogetherThe King James Bible / To Be a Pilgrim / The Balance of Nature / A Spirit of Adventure
03:15 03:15 Something to Think AboutBeing Healthy / In Our School… / Moving on Up 03:15 Megamathsseries 3
03:20 Time to MoveOceans / The Hare and the Tortoise / Summer Camping
03:30 03:30 Playtime(Andy Day) 03:30 Meet the Authors
03:40 Let's MovePeople Who Help Us / Can We Build It? / Nursery Rhymes / Summer Holidays
03:45 03:45 Tales of Hans Christian Andersen 03:45 Music for DanceJapan / Australia / Titanic / 2012 Olympics

Notes & New Programmes

Schools radio programmes will run from Tuesday 3rd May to Thursday 30h June 2011, with no broadcasts in the week beginning Tuesday 31st May due to half term.

There will be new episodes of Meet the Authors, Music for Dance, Playtime, Something to Think About, Time to Move and Together. All of this term's programmes should be available as podcasts from the BBC website, apart from Music for Dance - presumably due to music rights restrictions.

BBC Television

Learning Zone

From Tuesday 29th March to Friday 29th April 2011, five weeks in total, GCSE Bitesize Revision programmes will be shown between 04:00 and 06:00 on BBC 2, all repeated from previous years (some new GCSE Bitesize Revision episodes were shown in the spring term).

From Tuesday 3rd May to Friday 6th May 2011 a single week of primary and secondary schools programmes will be shown. More than half of these programmes will be new, including secondary schools programmes called Not Again Farley!, Ask Lara and Global Economy, and a poetry programme with Simon Armitage. The week will probably also include repeats of the Primary Class Clips series on Dance, and Primary Dance, first shown in spring 2010, and the Being French and Being German programmes.

The exact schedule for this week will be available closer to the time.

There will then presumably be several more weeks of Languages & Travel programmes from Tuesday 10th May 2011.

BBC Alba

I do not know anything about BBC Alba's plans for Gaelic-language schools programmes in the summer term, but presumably some will be shown.

More information will be available closer to the time.

Sources & References

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