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Music Time/A Christmas Journey +Music Time  +
Scene/AIDS Special +Scene  +, ''Scene'' dramas  +, ''Scene'' documentaries  +
Scene/Access To Television +Scene  +, ''Scene'' documentaries  +
The French Programme/Action-Tele! Year 1 +The French Programme  +
The French Programme/Action-Tele! Year 2 +The French Programme  +
The French Programme/Action-Tele! Year 3 +The French Programme  +
Scene/After Brussels: Football Fans Abroad? +Scene  +, ''Scene'' documentaries  +
Scene/After The Gold Rush +Scene  +, ''Scene'' dramas  +, ''Scene'' documentaries  +
Scene/Alison +Scene  +, ''Scene'' dramas  +
Scene/All About Me +Scene  +, ''Scene'' dramas  +
How We Used to Live/All Change: Britain 1945-1970 +How We Used to Live  +
Scene/All That Glitters +Scene  +, ''Scene'' documentaries  +
Scene/Alone on the Moors +Scene  +, ''Scene'' dramas  +, ''Scene'' documentaries  +
Time and Tune/Alvida and the Magician's Cape +Time and Tune  +
Scene/Alyce In Wonderland +Scene  +, ''Scene'' dramas  +
Scene/The American Scene 1968 +Scene  +, ''Scene'' documentaries  +
Scene/Anatomy of a Gang +Scene  +, ''Scene'' documentaries  +
Scene/And Mum Came Too +Scene  +, ''Scene'' dramas  +
Scene/And They All Lived Happily Together +Scene  +, ''Scene'' documentaries  +
Scene/Andy Capp: Fact or Fiction? +Scene  +, ''Scene'' documentaries  +
Drama (ITV)/The Angry Gods +Drama (ITV)  +
Scene/Animal Rights +Scene  +, ''Scene'' documentaries  +
English File/The Animated Epics +English File  +
Scene/Another Little Drink Won't Do Us Any Harm +Scene  +, ''Scene'' documentaries  +
Scene/Are You Certain? +Scene  +, ''Scene'' dramas  +
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