Caught in the Web

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started11th Feb 2010
last rpt7th Feb 2012
3 school years
duration30 mins
subject ⚖️CitizenshipPSHE
age rangeAge 9-11 & Age 11-13
languageenIn English
Caught in the Web title.jpg

Caught in the Web is a BBC schools TV series from the 2010s, covering PSHE for primary and secondary school pupils.

A cautionary programme weaving a series of stories about what might go wrong when children use the internet, with a narrative about a girl who goes online as 'Lost Princess' and meets her 'White Knight' in a chat room. They end up planning to meet in real life.

The programme was made as a 15-minute Newsround Special episode for a general audience, and first shown in that form on 9th February 2010 which was "Safer Internet Day", on BBC1 and the CBBC Channel. This version contains three individual stories alongside Lost Princess.

A 30-minute version for schools was first shown two days later on BBC2. This version includes four additional stories as well as longer versions of the rest.

All of the stories are dramatised with different actors.


The seven individual stories are available to watch on the BBC website, as well as the full 15-minute version of the programme with the abbreviated Lost Princess story.

The stories

Lost Princess sets up her profile on MyFaceSpace and starts interacting with people online. She is unaware of the dangers of the internet, where Evil Arrow lurks.

Watch Online BBC

Lucy's password is taken by bullies.

Watch Online BBC

Daniel gets a chain letter email from a stranger which scares him.

Watch Online BBC

Kieran becomes addicted to playing video games.

Watch Online BBC

Becca has her messenger account hacked.

Watch Online BBC

Jess does a dare without her clothes on her webcam.

Watch Online BBC

Janie has an embarrassing video shared widely and encounters cyber-bullying.

Watch Online BBC

Charlotte makes a friend online who is not what they seem.

Lost Princess arranges to meet White Knight at a music gig in real life.


Narrated by David Tennant
Starring Daisy Doidge-Hill as Lost Princess

Rhys Matthews as White Knight
Olivia Ryalls as Jessica*
Ellie Clarke as Nicole*
Emily Wheeldon as Charlotte
Shyanne Sanders as Lucy
Simon Price, Jordan Southwell & Jack Morlen as Kieran at different ages
Gemma O'Neill as Sophie*
Eleanor Tack as Becca*
Jamie Chrystal as Janie*
Jordan Parker as Daniel*

Written by Dawn Harrison
Director of Photography Joel Devlin
Film editor Ian Pearce
Graphics and animation Wönky Films
Additional graphics Visitor
Original music Darren Francis
Directors Richard Turley
Sara Gundlash*
Series producer Audrey Neil

Credits marked with * apply to the 30 minute schools version, but not the 15 minute children's version.


Year Term Day Time Channel Dates Details
2009-10 Spring 2010 Thu 11:00 BBC2 11 Feb
2010-11 Autumn 2010 Thu 05:30 BBC2 21 Oct
Spring 2011 Thu 04:00 BBC2 8 Feb
2011-12 Spring 2012 Tue 04:50 BBC2 7 Feb

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