Time and Tune: Flight

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started24th Apr 1975
ended19th Jun 1978
4 school years
duration20 mins
subject 🎶MusicMusic
age rangeAge 7-9
languageenIn English
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Flight is a unit of the BBC schools radio series Time and Tune from the 1970s, covering Music for primary school pupils.

A unit on the theme of Flight, especially the history of flight, including hot air balloons, aeroplanes, birds and space.

The theme tune for this series was an extract of Jupiter, from The Planets by Holst.


The six songs from Flight, with a short extract from each. The songs from third-party sources were given new arrangements for Time and Tune.

SongFlying Machines

Flying machines circling round and around,
Looping the loop, almost touching the ground.

Words and music by Douglas Coombes, published by the BBC.


Where have you been to Peter?
To the stars by the Milky Way.

Words by Anthea Davis, tune from Anthologie des Chants Populaires Français, Durand & Cie, Paris (originally D'où venez-vous Perrine?).

SongToucan Joe

Let's sing a song 'bout Toucan Joe,
Toucan Joe, Toucan Joe.

Words and music by Mary Hoffman. From Birchand Music Series Book 5, Summy-Birchard Co, Evanston, Illinois.


A little light is going by,
A little light is going by.

Words by Elizabeth Madox Roberts. From Exploring Music 2 by Eunice Boardman & Beth Landis, Holt, Rinehart & Winston Inc, New York.

SongThe Silver Balloon

Drifting slowly across the sky,
All is peaceful for miles around.

Words and music by Douglas Coombes, published by the BBC.

SongTravellers' Tales

Travellers' tales,
Travellers' tales,
You can't believe in travellers' tales.

Words by John Emlyn Edwards, music by Douglas Coombes. From Seven Space Songs, Lindsay Music.

Other music played during this unit:


There were 8 episodes of Flight in Summer 1975. The 8 episodes were redone in Summer 1978, and joined by an additional, ninth episode devoted to listening children's own work, broadcast on a different day from the normal programmes.

There was also a preview programme for teachers at the start of term (which is not included in this site's episode count), playing all of the songs and discussing how to use the programmes.

To the best of my knowledge, none of the episodes have been kept by the BBC archives.

# Title Broadcast (1975) Broadcast (1978)
-. Preview programme - 17 Apr 1978
1. Broadcast twenty-one 24 Apr 1975 20 Apr 1978
2. Broadcast twenty-two 1 May 1975 27 Apr 1978
3. Broadcast twenty-three 8 May 1975 4 May 1978
4. Broadcast twenty-four 15 May 1975 11 May 1978
5. Broadcast twenty-five 22 May 1975 18 May 1978
6. Broadcast twenty-six 5 Jun 1975 25 May 1978
7. Broadcast twenty-seven 12 Jun 1975 8 Jun 1978
8. Broadcast twenty-eight (concert) 17 Jun 1975 15 Jun 1978
9. Broadcast twenty-nine (children's work) - 19 Jun 1978


Pamphlet illustrated by Rosemary Evans
Produced by Douglas Coombes


Teacher's notes

The usual full-colour pupils' pamphlet, and black and white teacher's notes, were published to accompany the series each time it was broadcast.

The pupils' pamphlet included the words and tunes for the songs, and several short poems about flight by John Emlyn Edwards.

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