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BBC Radio

Home Service

9:05 Short Morning Service for Schools
9:35 Short Morning Service for Schools
9:55 Cwrs y Byd
10:05 News Commentary 10:05 News Commentary 10:05 News Commentary 10:05 News Commentary 10:05 News Commentary
11:00 11:00 Singing Together(Herbert Wiseman) 11:00 Music and Movement for Infants(Ann Driver) 11:00 Scottish Heritage 11:00 Rhythm and Melody(Percy Young) 11:00 Music and Movement for Juniors(Ann Driver)
11:20 Science and Gardening 11:20 Senior History IEuropean Heritage: What is a National Memory? 11:20 Current Affairs 11:20 GeographyNew Developments in the British Empire 11:20 Useful Citizens
11:40 Let's Join In 11:40 Music and the Dance 11:40 English for Under-Nines 11:40 Talks for Sixth Formssound and unsound arguments
11:45 11:45 Physical TrainingFor Use in Classrooms
12:00 12:00 The Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ
13:50 For Rural Schools (Scotland)At Our Village 13:50 Rhigwm a Chân(Huldah Bassett) 13:50 For Rural Schools (England)Finding Out About Dylsford
14:00 14:00 Nature StudyScott Kennedy & Tom 14:00 Travel TalksPorts of Call
14:10 How Things BeganFrom the Paleolithic to the Neolithic Age
14:15 14:15 Stories from World HistoryInventors and Inventions from the 18th to the 20th Centuries 14:15 General ScienceYour Body and Its Growth 14:15 Hanes Cymru
14:20 Intermediate French(Jean-Jacques Oberlin)
14:35 Senior English IIWriting for Radio, etc 14:35 Senior History IIThe Changing World
14:40 Orchestral Concert Seriesdevelopment of the orchestra in modern times 14:40 Junior EnglishDavid, etc 14:40 Senior English I


The daily News Commentary, Singing Together, Current Affairs (broadcast at 11:00), the Friday transmission of the Short Morning Service for Schools and the Welsh series Cwrs y Byd all began in the week of 10th January 1944, together with a week of Special Health Talks for Schools given by the Radio Doctor at 11:25-11:40. All other programmes began in the week of 17th January 1944.

Most programmes finished in the week ending Friday 31st March 1944 after 11 main weeks of broadcasting, but there was one extra episode of The Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ on Monday 3rd April.

During wartime programmes aimed at schools in Scotland and Wales were broadcast alongside the English programmes in this single national schedule.

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