Autumn 1948

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Adventures in Music
(Home Service, Tuesdays 2:15pm
and Orchestral Concerts
(Home Service, Mondays 2:30pm)
Singing Together
(Home Service, Mondays 11:00am)
and Rhythm and Melody
(Home Service, Thursdays 11:00am)
General Science
(Home Service, Wednesdays 11:00am)

BBC Radio

Home Service

9:05 Service for Schools
9:35 Service for Schools
9:40 Religion and PhilosophyMan and hHis Nature
10:00 10:00 Announcements
10:05 News Commentary 10:05 News Commentary 10:05 News Commentary 10:05 News Commentary 10:05 News Commentary
11:00 11:00 Singing Together(William Appleby) 11:00 Music and Movement for Infants(Ann Driver) 11:00 General ScienceScience Helps the Explorer / Science and Music 11:00 Rhythm and Melody(Doris Gould) 11:00 Music and Movement for Juniors(Ann Driver)
11:20 How Things Began 11:20 History I 11:20 Current Affairs 11:20 Science and the CommunityFood and Health / Man v. Microbes 11:20 CitizenshipStarting Work
11:40 Intermediate French 11:40 PanoramaLife and the Arts in the USA / The Theatre in Britain 11:40 French for Sixth Forms 11:40 Intermediate German 11:40 Talks for Sixth Forms
14:00 14:00 Living in the Country 14:00 Nature Study 14:00 Travel TalksPeople of the Seas / People of the Deserts
14:05 Stories from World History
14:15 14:15 Adventures in Music 14:15 History II
14:20 Let's Join In
14:25 GeographyMonsoon Lands of India and the Far East
14:30 14:30 Orchestral Concerts
14:35 Senior English II
14:40 English for Under-Nines 14:40 Senior English IThe First Men in the Moon, etc
14:50 Let's Hear It Again 14:50 Junior English

Regional Variations

I don't know the details of any transmissions outside London this term, however the BBC Year Book confirms that throughout the year there were six series each for Scotland and Wales.

Notes & New Programmes

The daily News Commentary began on Monday 13th September 1948, all other schools programmes began on Monday 20th September.

General Science on Wednesday mornings was actually a new series starting this term for junior school pupils. A series called General Science had been running for a few years previously, aimed at secondary school pupils. Both the original General Science and the long-running series Science and Gardening had been discontinued at the end of the 1947-48 school year.

Other new series starting this term were Religion and Philosophy (replacing Bible Talks for Sixth Forms), Living in the Country (replacing For Rural Schools), Panorama (replacing Off the Syllabus) and Science and the Community.

For the first time the long-running series Nature Study was accompanied by a book of photographs for children printed mainly in colour - the first BBC schools pamphlet in colour.

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