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This is a property of type String.

Stores notes about Property:Repeated until for programmes, for example if the repeats were shown as part of another series, or if there were subsequent non-schools repeats.

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A' Bhuth +(on BBC Alba)  +
Advanced Level Studies: Biology +(as part of ''[[The Biology Collection]]'')  +
Advanced Level Studies: German +(as part of ''[[The German Collection]]'')  +
Air Ghleus +(on BBC Alba)  +
Airgead Afraga +(on BBC Alba)  +
Scene/All About Me +(on Teachers' TV)  +
All Year Round +(as part of ''[[Stage One]]'')  +
The American West +(as part of ''[[Radio History: 11-14]]'')  +
Ar Grwydr yng Nghymru +(start date approximate)  +
Arrows of Desire +(on Teachers' TV)  +
Art Adventures +(as part of ''[[The Mix]]'')  +
French Studies/Au Travail! +(as part of ''[[The French Programme]]'')  +


Baile Mhuilinn +(on BBC Alba)  +
Be' Nesa'? +(start date approximate)  +
Biology and Hygiene +(start date approximate)  +
Scene/Body Language +(as part of ''[[Lifeschool]]'')  +
Branchez-vous! +(on Radio Cymru)  +
French Studies/Bric-a-Brac +(as part of ''[[The French Programme]]'')  +
Buddy +(as part of ''[[English Time]]'' and ''[[Scene]]'')  +


Calculated Tales +(as part of ''[[Operation Maths]]'')  +
Celf a Chrefft +(end date approximate)  +
Clonc a Thonc +(dates approximate)  +
French Studies/Comment Dit-On... ? +(as part of ''[[The French Programme]]'')  +
Concerts for Schools +(start date approximate)  +
Curriculum Resources +(as part of ''[[Topic Resources]]'')  +
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