Natural History (radio)

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started30th Sep 1924
endedJun 1927
3 school years
duration30 mins
subject 👨‍🔬ScienceNature
languageenIn English
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Natural History (radio) is a BBC schools radio series from the 1920s, covering Nature.

  • talks mostly given by E. Kay Robinson, President of the British Empire Naturalists' Association
  • E. Kay Robinson also gave a talk on natural history as part of the experimental Special Broadcasts for Schools (2LO) on 11th April in summer 1924
  • replaced by Nature Study
  • Autumn 1924 - British Birds by E. Kay Robinson
  • Spring 1925 - The Countryside by Patricia Johnson
  • Summer 1925 - various topics including Butterflies, Lantern Flies and their Allies and Water Scoprions and their Allies by E. Kay Robinson
  • Autumn 1925 - British Plants by E. Kay Robinson
  • Spring 1926 - British Wild Animals by E. Kay Robinson
  • Summer 1926 - Reptiles and their Allies by E. Kay Robinson
  • Autumn 1926 - Fishes by E. Kay Robinson
  • Spring 1927 - no natural history talks
  • Summer 1927 - How Things Grow by E. Kay Robinson

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