Music Makers (radio): The Rise and Demise of Kornkrake Katastroffy

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started12th Jan 1977
ended23rd Mar 1977
last rpt28th Mar 1979
3 school years
duration20 mins
subject 🎶MusicMusic
age rangeAge 10-12Age 9-11 & Age 11-13
languageenIn English
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The Rise and Demise of Kornkrake Katastroffy is a unit of the BBC schools radio series Music Makers from the 1970s, covering music for primary and secondary school pupils.

A play about a young man's rise to career success, subtitled or How Plantagenet Nobodicairs Became a Successful Person.

Plantagenet Nobodicairs is a disillusioned custard-stirrer in a food factory, who discovers he can inherit a fortune if he first becomes a successful person. He trains as a one-man-band and appears on a TV talent show, and eventually becomes the kazoo-playing pop star Kornkrake Katastroffy - but discovers that fame and adulation, without any friends left, does not necessarily make him a successful person.


  • I've Lost Every Friend I Had
  • Kazoo Song
  • Suddenly...
  • Good Mornin' Gents!
  • Oh, What a Day!
  • My Name is Lottacash
  • Isn't It Strange?



Written by Derek Farmer
Music by Max Brittain
Producer Peter Hutchings


Teachers' notes

The unit was accompanied by a pupils' pamphlet illustrated by Paul Cemmick, and a booklet of teachers' notes.


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