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started19th Sep 1958
ended1st Dec 1958
last rpt5th Dec 1958
1 school year
duration25 mins
age rangeAge 11-13
languageenIn English

Mathematics (TV) is a BBC schools TV series from the 1950s, covering Mathematics for secondary school pupils.

An early experiment in using television support maths teaching. This single-term series was split into two completely separate parts. The first half of autumn 1958 was occupied by a unit on geometry called Shape Around Us, presented by Colin Ronan of the Royal Society. The second half of term included a unit on statistics called Counting and Drawing presented by weather forecaster Philip McAllen. The series included some diagrams and animations to illustrate specific points and used its expert presenters to describe the practical applications of their subject.

Philip McAllen presenting the statistics unit

The series was not continued after its single term of broadcasts, but two years later the BBC tried another maths TV series for slightly older pupils, called Mathematics and Life.

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