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started18th Jan 1968
ended28th Mar 1968
last rpt29th Mar 1968
1 school year
duration25 mins
subject ⚖️Citizenship
age rangeSixth FormsAge 16-19
languageenIn English
Today and Tomorrow cover spring 1968.jpg

Today and Tomorrow (ITV) is an ITV schools TV series from the 1960s, covering citizenship for further education students.

A documentary series for sixth forms looking at various social problems and policy thought to be particularly relevant to young people. It had the sub-title "Some Problems of Modern Society"

Several episodes used expert speakers, such as Liverpool's Chief Planning Officer to discuss cities, Frank Cousins the General Secretary of the Transport & General Workers Union on incomes, and Asa Briggs Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sussex on universities.

The episode "Who Cares?" was about young people who care about the old, the handicapped and the poor in society. It was devised by members of the Solihull Young Volunteers, and was chosen as ITV's entry for the secondary schools category in the 1968 Japan Prize - in other words it was selected as the best or most prestigious example of an ITV Schools programme from that year. An extract from this episode is held by the South West Screen archive and described in detail on their website.

Episode List

# Title Broadcast
1. Drug Addiction #1968-01-18-00-00-0018 Jan 1968
2. The Population Explosion #1968-01-25-00-00-0025 Jan 1968*
3. Mental Health #1968-02-01-00-00-001 Feb 1968
4. "Who Cares?" #1968-02-08-00-00-008 Feb 1968
5. Prices and Incomes #1968-02-15-00-00-0015 Feb 1968
6. Industrial Relations #1968-02-29-00-00-0029 Feb 1968
7. The Common Market #1968-03-07-00-00-007 Mar 1968
8. Living in Cities #1968-03-14-00-00-0014 Mar 1968
9. University Purpose #1968-03-21-00-00-0021 Mar 1968
10. University Life #1968-03-28-00-00-0028 Mar 1968

* - The Population Explosion was previewed for parents and teachers in an Out of School programme during the Christmas holidays on Wednesday 27th December 1967 at 11:50am on ITV.

Episode 10 was also billed as Into the Future in the TV Times for its Friday repeat broadcast (but still as University Life, the title from the teachers' notes, on the Thursday).


Introduced by Peter Snow
Educational Adviser Bruce H. McGowan, MA
Medical Consultant Dr. Beresford Davies ('Drug Addiction')

Prof. Desmond Pond ('Mental Health')

Research Nadine Wood
Script by Gordon Watts
Executive producer Donald Carter
Producer H. K. Lewenhak


  • Spring 1968: Thursdays, 11:35am (not Border region), repeated Fridays, 2:35pm (all regions)

The series was never repeated after this term.

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