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started18th Sep 2000
ended21st Mar 2002
last rpt21st Oct 2009
10 school years
duration10 mins
age rangeAge 7-9
languageenIn English

Star Maths is a Channel 4 schools TV series from the 2000s, covering Mathematics for primary school pupils.

The adventures of two children, Sam and Amber, on a planetoid in deep space owned by their eccentric Uncle Zak.

The children's school space bus has broken down on their way back to Earth so they have plenty of time to spend exploring the planetoid Junkiter (spelled Junketir in the teacher's notes but Junkiter on-screen), getting to know the inhabitants including the space ferry pilot Lisa, their uncle's robotic helper Botler and the numbered Wattbots, and native animals such as Spoats (space goats), Bondals (flightless birds) and Lisa's pet Unit, a Pozzle.

The children frequently have to use their maths skills to solve the problems that they encounter on Junkiter, and they can call on Numberella, a sort of octopus-like schoolmistress, for mathematical assistance.

Sam, Lisa and Amber


# Title Topic Broadcast
1. Welcome to Junkiter Numbers and the Number System 18 Sep 2000
2. Pods and Parcels Numbers and the Number System 25 Sep 2000
3. Dustbags and Parsnips Numbers and the Number System 2 Oct 2000
4. Celestial TV Numbers and the Number System 9 Oct 2000
5. Feeding the Spoats Numbers and the Number System 16 Oct 2000
6. Bits and Pieces Numbers and the Number System 30 Oct 2000
7. More Bits and Pieces Numbers and the Number System 6 Nov 2000
8. The Ghostbase Measures, Shape and Space 13 Nov 2000
9. Lisa's Birthday Surprise Measures, Shape and Space 20 Nov 2000
10. Botler Blows a Fuse Measures, Shape and Space 27 Nov 2000
11. The Faulty Machine Calculations 15 Jan 2001
12. A Game of Darts Calculations 22 Jan 2001
13. The Wattbot Sports Day Calculations 29 Jan 2001
14. Lisa's Surprise Visit Calculations 5 Feb 2001
15. The Mischievous Pozzle Calculations 12 Feb 2001
16. The Route Home Solving Problems 26 Feb 2001
17. The Treasure Hunt Solving Problems 5 Mar 2001
18. Video Diaries Solving Problems 12 Mar 2001
19. The Wattbot Check-Up Handling Data 19 Mar 2001
20. A Walk in Space Handling Data 26 Mar 2001
21. Distress Call Numbers and the Number System 20 Sep 2001
22. Collision Course Numbers and the Number System 27 Sep 2001
23. Near Enough Numbers and the Number System 4 Oct 2001
24. Reaction Time Numbers and the Number System 11 Oct 2001
25. A Fraction Too Close Numbers and the Number System 18 Oct 2001
26. Wattbot in Distress Measures, Shape and Space 1 Nov 2001
27. Baby in The Balance Measures, Shape and Space 8 Nov 2001
28. Bubblemud, Glorious Bubblemud Measures, Shape and Space 15 Nov 2001
29. Shape Shooters Measures, Shape and Space 22 Nov 2001
30. The Key Decision Measures, Shape and Space 29 Nov 2001
31. Eggs in Space Handling Data 10 Jan 2002
32. The Lonely Planetoid Handling Data 17 Jan 2002
33. A Perfect Fit Calculations 24 Jan 2002
34. What's The Difference? Calculations 31 Jan 2002
35. It All Adds Up Calculations 7 Feb 2002
36. Power Cut Calculations 21 Feb 2002
37. Leftovers Calculations 28 Feb 2002
38. A Waste of Time Solving Problems 7 Mar 2002
39. The Farewell Party Solving Problems 14 Mar 2002
40. The Final Mission Solving Problems 21 Mar 2002


Starring Jill Shilling as Sam

Seroca Davis as Amber
Michelle Joseph as Lisa
Brian Bowles as Uncle Zak / Botler
Jane Karen as Numberella (episodes 1-20)
Louise Barnes as Numberella (episodes 21-40)

Written by [{{fullurl:Special:Browse/:Amanda-20Rainger-20%27%27(episodes-201-20)%27%27%3Cbr-20/%3E }} Amanda Rainger (episodes 1-20)
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Nick McIvor (episodes 21-25 & 33-37)
Stephen Deal (episodes 26-28 & 30)
Ali Crockatt (episodes 29 & 31)
Mary Dohnal (episodes 32 & 38-40)
Hannah Walker (episodes 38 & 40)

Voice recording Paul Deeley

Darrin Bowen

Voice direction Ron Smedley (episodes 1-20)

Mandy Wheeler

Music Robert Foster

John Stafford

Education officer Liz Meenan
Maths consultant Marjorie Gorman
Overseas animation produced & directed by Jeff Skinner
CG animators Irina Zaytseua

Leovia Wilson

UK computer animation team Redwing Animation, London
Animation production manager Clwyd Edwards
Lead animator Hannah Walker
South African animation team (Numberella) Delapse, Johannesburg
Associate producer Rick Spurway
Executive producer Colin Prescot
Producer Trevor Wayman
Production design & direction Paul Clowney
A Flying Pictures production for Channel 4 in association with Zurich



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