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This is a property of type Text.

Title that can be used for alphabetical sorting, with articles moved to the end and numbers written out as text. Uses DEFAULTSORT if it is set in Form:Proginfo, otherwise just the normal PAGENAME or SUBPAGENAME - all the logic is in Template:Proginfo. Used as hidden value in the Browse Programmes template to allow the title column to be dynamically re-sorted correctly.

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Music Time/A Christmas Journey +A Christmas Journey
A L'Ecoute +A L'Ecoute
A Propos +A Propos
A-Z of Politics +A to Z of Politics
A-Z of Your Head +A to Z of Your Head
A' Bhuth +A' Bhuth
A-Level Economics +A-Level Economics
A-Level English (radio) +A-Level English (radio)
A-Level Irish +A-Level Irish
Scene/AIDS Special +AIDS Special
AS Guru +AS Guru
Abc +Abc
About Books +About Books
About Wales +About Wales
Abracadabra +Abracadabra
Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom +Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom
Scene/Access To Television +Access To Television
An Act of Worship +Act of Worship, An
Acting Around Words +Acting Around Words
Action! +Action!
The French Programme/Action-Tele! Year 1 +Action-Tele! Year 1
The French Programme/Action-Tele! Year 2 +Action-Tele! Year 2
The French Programme/Action-Tele! Year 3 +Action-Tele! Year 3
Active Citizenship +Active Citizenship
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