Numbers Plus

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started10th Jan 1994
ended21st Mar 1994
last rpt29th Mar 1996
3 school years
duration15 mins
age rangeAge 5-7
languageenIn English

Numbers Plus is a BBC schools TV series from the 1990s, covering Mathematics for primary school pupils.

A lively maths series, designed as a follow-on from the first series of Numbertime, featuring four colourful "clown-like" characters called Mo, Sappy, Grimble and Jick who live in a house together. A robot called trundle narrates each episode and helps them with their maths. There are also animations and songs.


# Title Topic Broadcast
1. The Barbecue numbers 10-20 10 Jan 1994
2. The Picnic sharing and dividing 17 Jan 1994
3. Sort It Out sorting 24 Jan 1994
4. Is It, Isn't It? recording & handling data 31 Jan 1994
5. On with the Show! numbers 10-100 7 Feb 1994
6. On the Shelf measuring length 21 Feb 1994
7. The Big Top measuring weight 28 Feb 1994
8. It's My Birthday! measuring time 7 Mar 1994
9. How Much, How Many? numbers over 100 & using money 14 Mar 1994
10. All Shapes and Sizes 2D & 3D shapes 21 Mar 1994


Starring Nicola Blackman as Mo

Tony Marshall as Sappy
Jefferson Clode as Grimble
Nia Davies as Jick
Stephen Kemble & Roamer as Trundle

Written by [{{fullurl:Special:Browse/:Christopher-20Lillicrap%3Cbr-20/%3E }} Christopher Lillicrap
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Charles Way

Education officer Su Hurrell
Consultants Mike Askew

Nick Morgan

Music Henry Marsh
Graphic designer Iain Macdonald
Animation Kevin Wrench

Andrew Franks

Visual effects designer Andy Lazell
Designer Andrée Welstead Hornby
Director Neil Ben
Producer Judy Brooks


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