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started10th May 2010
ended17th May 2010
last rpt28th Aug 2010
1 school year
duration15 mins
age rangeAge 13-16
languageenIn English

Inside Maths is a Teachers' TV series from the 2010s, covering Mathematics for secondary school pupils.

Fran and David are presenting a maths TV programme for teenagers. Dave is sent off to carry out challenges on location, gathering measurements and often having to do things the long way round. Fran stays in the studio and explains the theory and formulas needed to complete the challenges, with fancy graphics.

Fran and David


# Title Watch online Broadcast
1. Ratios and Proportions
Watch Online Teachers (55971)
10 May 2010
2. Working with Formulae
Watch Online Teachers (55981)
10 May 2010
3. Areas of Circles and Composite Shapes
Watch Online Teachers (55991)
10 May 2010
4. Enlargement
Watch Online Teachers (56091)
10 May 2010
5. Straight-Line Graphs
Watch Online Teachers (56591)
17 May 2010
6. Distance/Time Graphs
Watch Online Teachers (56651)
17 May 2010
7. Volume of 3-Dimensional Shapes
Watch Online Teachers (56661)
17 May 2010


Presented by Fran Bate

David Payne

Maths consultant Liam Wegg
Graphic designer Ewan Lawson
Executive producer Jim Franks
Producer / director Neil Ben


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