And the Living of It

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started25th Sep 1969
ended11th Jun 1970
last rpt15th Jun 1972
3 school years
duration15 mins
age rangeAge 16-19
languageenIn English

And the Living of It is an ITV schools TV series from the 1960s and 1970s, covering Citizenship and PSHE for further education students.

Pupils' workbook

A series about "the individual and society", originally designed to support integrated studies courses for students of 14 and over. Many of the programmes cover the experiences of young school leavers adjusting to the adult world, and there was a mix of dramatised programmes, personal analysis by experts, and more traditional programmes highlighting themes.

In the autumn term the programmes were concerned with the immediate family relationships of young people, in the spring term the focus changes to adolescents' social environment and group relationships, and then in the summer term adolescents' place in the world, attitudes and values in life.

The Time of Your Life and the Living of It

The title of the series was finally explained in the summer term 1972, when six of "the most successful programmes from the series" were repeated as an accompaniment to a new serial drama series called The Time of Your Life. Notably, those six "most successful programmes" which were repeated were all drama programmes (episodes 5, 8, 16, 23, 12 and 22).


Highlighted episodes are drama programmes.

# Title Broadcast
1. How Like an Animal 25 Sep 1969
2. There's Nothing New About Groups 2 Oct 1969
3. Roles Within the Family 9 Oct 1969
4. Home and the Family 16 Oct 1969
5. Order to View 23 Oct 1969
6. The Family 6 Nov 1969
7. Keep to the Footpath 13 Nov 1969
8. Them and Me 20 Nov 1969
9. The Transition from School to Work 27 Nov 1969
10. They Don't Do It Our Way 4 Dec 1969
11. Who Am I? 15 Jan 1970
12. Satisfaction Guaranteed 22 Jan 1970
13. Where Am I Going? 29 Jan 1970
14. Who Are They and Where Are They Going? 5 Feb 1970
15. Who Do I Join? 12 Feb 1970
16. Take Your Partners 19 Feb 1970
17. Three Letter Word 26 Feb 1970
18. Relatives 5 Mar 1970
19. Marriage 12 Mar 1970
20. Will the Family and Marriage Continue? 19 Mar 1970
21. Your State 30 Apr 1970
22. Citizen's Choice 7 May 1970
23. Against the Tide 14 May 1970
24. I See 21 May 1970
25. Not By Bread Alone 4 Jun 1970
26. In the End I Have to Decide 11 Jun 1970

The Transition from School to Work was the subject of episode 9 but it may not have been the final title - no title was given in the TV Times listings that week. If you can confirm the final title please get in touch by email. To complicate things slightly the teacher's notes listed The Transition from School to Work as episode 8, and The Transition from Adolescent to Adult Status (which became Them and Me) as episode 9.


Analysis programmes with Anthony Christie

George Lyward
Janet Stott

The Transition from School to Work with Gillian Blake as Sue

Lynn Farleigh as Mrs Lamb
Timothy Carlton as Mr Hopkins
Peter Craze as Doug

Order to View with Peter Cellier as man

Honor Shepherd as woman
Jack Lambert as Daniel
Susan Macready as girl
Henry Oscar as judge

Them and Me with Anne Stallybrass as mother

Roger Cowland as father
Fergus McClelland as son

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Robert Wilde as boy

Jean Combie as girl
Edward Phillips as Youth Employment official

Against the Tide with David Garth as Counsel

Piers Rogers as Defendant
Betty Baskcomb as Woman

Academic advisers F. D. Flower

Denis Lawton

Research Thérèse Kitchin
Writer/Producer/Director Michael Jeans
Executive producer Robert Heron


  • 1969-70: Thursdays 11:23am (not Border), repeated Fridays 2:00pm
  • Summer 1972: Thursdays 11:00am, repeated Fridays 12:00noon


The series was accompanied by a handbook for teachers, with extensive background notes written by Denis Lawton, and a pupils' workbook for each term with questions (and answers) to encourage thinking about the themes of the episodes.

In 1971-72 there was a single, combined teacher's notes booklet for The Time of Your Life and And the Living of It.

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