1... 2... 3... Go!

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started17th Jan 1981
ended30th Jun 1981
last rpt28th Jun 1984(and again in 1996-97)
4 school years
duration10 mins
age rangeAge 5-7
languageenIn English
ITV infant mathsNext series: Let's Go Maths HierarchyNext.gif

1... 2... 3... Go! is an ITV schools TV series from the 1980s, covering Mathematics for primary school pupils.

An infant maths series designed to emphasise basic concepts of reading and writing numbers, time, money, length and two-dimensional shapes. Each episode includes a story about Sam and Squeak - a boy and his secret pet mouse - as well as a puppet show, songs and animation.

This series had several different presenters including Morag Hood and Josette Simon. After four years it was replaced by a similar series, Let's Go Maths, with one single presenter, Lesley Judd.

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