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started12th Jan 1993
ended18th Jun 2009
17 school years
duration15 mins
age rangeAge 5-7
languageenIn English

Magic Grandad is a unit of the BBC schools TV series Watch from the 1990s and 2000s, covering Modern History and Social History for primary school pupils.

A series that brings history to life for infant school children, as Magic Grandad is able to take his grandchildren back into the past to meet famous people and experience life as it used to be. Many of the adventures are about comparing the past and the present, and seeing how evidence of what happened in the olden days still survives.

The series was introduced in the early 1990s to support the then-new History National Curriculum at Key Stage 1, and new series have been made periodically to support new areas of the infant history curriculum such as seaside holidays (archived 2010), and the ever-growing emphasis on studying famous people. Almost every series has a different Magic Grandad, and almost every episode has a different set of grandchildren venturing into the past.

Magic Grandad has quite a bit in common with the famous and long-running science fiction series Doctor Who. The title characters of both series have been played by many different actors in different styles and different situations (in fact there is one actor who has played both roles), who travel in time and sometimes space to all sorts of different periods where they meet famous people, with a variety of young travelling companions. Technically both characters have even encountered the Daleks (in Magic Grandad's case this was as toys in 1969!). Both series began as historical dramas for children, so maybe in about 30 years time Magic Grandad could follow its predecessor and be resurrected as a blockbuster primetime drama series!

The Times Educational Supplement once noted that when the Magic Grandad series started, "Grandad was not just magic, he was also incredibly old. Now a trim figure in his baseball cap and trainers, Magic Grandad has finally gone digital."[1]. The appearance of the various Magic Grandads has certainly been quite different over the years....

TV Series

90 Years Ago

Geoffrey Bayldon as Magic Grandad

Kimberley and Gary's great grandad can magically transport them into the past. Grandad's magic extends to allowing he and the children, even in modern dress, to be accepted as guests of the people they visit. The trips to the past are a secret, as the children's parents think that Grandad simply tells vivid stories.

# Title Broadcast
1. In the Kitchen 12 Jan 1993
2. Cars and No Cars 19 Jan 1993
3. Bathtime 26 Jan 1993


Famous People

Geoffrey Bayldon as Magic Grandad again

Grandad and his great grandchildren Kimberley and Gary appear for four more adventures, in which Grandad takes them further back in time than he has ever travelled before, to meet famous people from hundreds of years ago. They even travel abroad, to France and the Crimea, where Grandad can magically translate everything that is said into English. All he needs for his magic to work is a song which would have been known at the time. Grandad later sings each song again with new lyrics about the famous person they meet. Grandad no longer arranges his visits in advance so the visitors have to introduce themselves to the historical figures, but the magic now extends to preventing people in the past from being able to see the time travellers if Grandad doesn't want them to, so they are able to sneak past the guard in the Tower of London to visit Elizabeth I for example.

# Title Broadcast
1. Elizabeth I 21 Sep 1994
2. Louis Braille 28 Sep 1994
3. Florence Nightingale 5 Oct 1994
4. Samuel Pepys 12 Oct 1994


Seaside Holiday

Trevor Peacock as Magic Grandad

A different Magic Grandad who lives at the seaside appears in this series of programmes. This Grandad's magic relies on his collection of old cine films - when they are projected he is able to take his grandchildren Tom and Nikki 'into' the films and back to the time when they were made. They are all dressed in appropriate period clothes when they arrive.

# Title Broadcast
1. The Promenade 17 Jan 2001
2. The Beach 24 Jan 2001
3. Entertainment 31 Jan 2001



Tim Healy as Magic Grandad

Magic Grandad is now a fully-fledged time traveller who regularly journeys around history and then, whenever he finds something "brill-a-brill", drops in on some of his grandchildren and invites them along. Grandad seems to be well known to the people in each era he visits (unless he is the sort of man who just naturally doesn't mind unknown children shouting "grandad!" at him in the street) but there are some restrictions to his magic: he often needs to return to the present before "the magic runs out" at half past four or risk being trapped in the past forever, and he often arrives with a violent crash landing.

# Title Broadcast
1. in 1969 17 Mar 2003
2. in 1953 24 Mar 2003
3. in 1870 31 Mar 2003


Famous People 2

Peter Armitage as Magic Grandad

Magic Grandad is now capable of travelling thousands of years back in time if he needs to, and he seems to think that his crash landings have improved, although everybody else disagrees. This Grandad takes his various grandchildren to meet famous people from history, who tend to be expecting him and know the names of the child visitors. The children interrogate the famous people about what they do, and how and why they do it, which does not faze the subjects in the least.

# Title Broadcast
1. Boudica 3 Oct 2003
2. Dr Jenner 10 Oct 2003
3. Brunel 17 Oct 2003
4. Mary Seacole 17 Oct 2003


Famous People 3

Sam Kelly as Magic Grandad

This Magic Grandad is a well-seasoned time traveller with no sign of any crash landings, he appears in a simple flash of bright light with a bit of lip quivering. He can also take his grandchildren on more than one journey at a time, visiting famous people at different times in their lives. This means that each episode can be neatly divided into two individual "clips", the preferred method for disseminating video material in schools these days. The full episodes were available on the BBC's Class Clips website, with the second part of each story preceded by extra narration from Grandad explaining the story so far.

# Title Broadcast
1. Amy Johnson 11 Jun 2009
2. Mrs Beeton 11 Jun 2009
3. The Unknown Warrior 18 Jun 2009
4. Charles Darwin 18 Jun 2009



Geoff Leesley as Magic Grandad (?)

There has been one more incarnation of Magic Grandad - he appears in animated form in a series of Magic Grandad CD-ROMs, and in photographs in the Big Book classroom resources, and he narrates the CD-ROMs and the electronic versions of the Big Books.

Magic Grandad's voice on the electronic resources is provided by Geoff Leesley, an actor who has featured in Bergerac, Brookside and Little Britain, and I believe it is the same actor who appears in visual form when required! If you can confirm or deny that this is the same person, please get in touch by email![2]

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  1. "Incredibly old" quote from Starkey (2006). The article is reviewing the CD-ROMs not the TV series and the "trim figure in baseball cap and trainers" is a reference to Grandad's animated appearance on the CDs. But still, the Grandad of Seaside Holiday is seen in full roller-blading regalia, and the Grandad of Famous People 2 gets done up in biker gear...
  2. Geoff Leesley is the main voice actor credited across different Magic Grandad CD-ROMs: From the Homes Today and in the Past CD-ROM manual p.2, "Narration: Geoff Leesley, Liz Southwell and Michael Fosker", and from the Toys Today and in the Past CD-ROM manual p.2, "Narration: Geoff Leesley, Charlie Brock, Emma Taylor, Lisa Miles, Matt Cliff, Margaret Thacker and Michael Fosker" (I have not seen any of the other CDs - if you can confirm their credits please get in touch by email. I believe it is the same actor in the photographs of Magic Grandad in the Big Books, because of his distinctive eyebrows, compared to some of his other TV appearances!



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