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started19th Sep 1967
ended18th Jun 2009
42 school years
duration15 mins
subject 🏫Miscellany
age rangeAge 5-7
languageenIn English

Watch is a BBC schools TV series from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, covering various topics for primary school pupils.

  • long-running infant miscellany series
  • starting from Summer 1983 episodes from the series were repeated with in-vision subtitles, for use with deaf children





Presenters Roseanne Harvey (1967-1971)

Andrew Bradford (1972-1973)
Jean Rogers (1973-1976)
Stephen Bradley (1973-1974)
Ken Binge (1974-1977)
Louise Hall-Taylor (1976-1990)
James Earl Adair (1977-1986)
Raewyn Blade (1979-1981)
Ben Thomas (1982)
Tony Neilson (1986-1990)
Jaye Griffiths (1986-1989)
James Goode (1989)
Jennie Jay Williams (1989-1990)
Susanna Dawson (1989)
Ellis Ward (1991-1992)
Simon Davies (1991-1992)

The dates for each presenter are for new episodes only, they do not include repeats.

From autumn 1992 onwards there were no regular presenters, instead each unit introduced its own presenters - real or animated - or lead characters.

There were several history units featuring a Magic Grandad, and several geography units featuring Barnaby Bear

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