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started14th Sep 1992
ended24th Jun 1993
last rpt16th Jun 1995
3 school years
duration10 mins
age rangeAge 3-5 & Age 5-7
languageenIn English
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Time for Maths is an ITV and later Channel 4 schools TV series from the 1990s, covering Mathematics for primary school pupils.

A maths series for young children, featuring stories, songs and simple activities similar to its predecessors Let's Go Maths and Maths is Fun. The difference is that rather than the wooden models of those earlier series, Time for Maths uses 3D computer animation - not just for the stories, but for the songs and the presenter's environment as well.

Each episode includes a story set on Honeypot Farm, where Farmer and Mrs Dobbs live alongside George the cat, several scarecrows, and a variety of animals. The computer animation allows the stories to venture into unusual areas and types of experiences - such as the adventures of two young rabbits inside their warren, and a dream sequence in which a giant metallic hen tests Farmer Dobbs' addition and subtraction skills using huge eggs balanced on the farmhouse roof!

The autumn term episodes introduce the numbers 1 to 10, while the spring term adds concepts of size, shape, time and money, and the summer term stretches to comparing, balancing and fractions.

Nimmy March presenting
Farmer Dobbs, Mrs Dobbs and George


# Title Broadcast
1. The Farmer's Chair 14 Sep 1992
2. The Scarecrows 21 Sep 1992
3. Down the Mousehole 28 Sep 1992
4. Milking Time 5 Oct 1992
5. The Lost Lamb 12 Oct 1992
6. The Juggler 19 Oct 1992
7. In the Pond 2 Nov 1992
8. The New Chicks 9 Nov 1992
9. The Wild Ducks 16 Nov 1992
10. Ten in Trouble 23 Nov 1992
11. The Grandfather Clock 11 Jan 1993
12. The Midnight Calf 18 Jan 1993
13. The Surprise Present 25 Jan 1993
14. Winter Rescue 1 Feb 1993
15. The Photograph 8 Feb 1993
16. The Special Treat 15 Feb 1993
17. The Water Shortage 1 Mar 1993
18. The Boat 8 Mar 1993
19. The Rabbit Warren 15 Mar 1993
20. Counting the Eggs 22 Mar 1993
21. The Vanishing Apple 26 Apr 1993
22. The Competition 6 May 1993
23. The Balloon 13 May 1993
24. The Locked Safe 20 May 1993
25. Cutting the Hay 27 May 1993
26. The Balancing Act 10 Jun 1993
27. George's House 17 Jun 1993
28. The Farmer's Year 24 Jun 1993


Presenter Nimmy March
Writer Brian Walsh
Singer Liz Watts
Composer Jonathan Cohen
Illustrator Keith Aldred
Education adviser Des Wilson
Animator Matt Howarth
Series editor Brian Nixon
Producer & director John Chesworth-Wigger


Time for Maths slide 1995.jpg
  • 1992-93: Mondays 10:21am, repeated Thursdays 9:52am (not in the HTV Wales area on Thursdays)
  • 1993-94: Mondays 11:07am, repeated Wednesdays 11:07am
  • 1994-95: Fridays 11:11am


Teacher's notes
Songs cassette

Each of the Honeypot Farm stories was available as a reading book, with pictures and captions for children to read on the right-hand pages and the full text of the story on the left.

There were also two audio cassettes containing all 28 stories from the series told by Nimmy March, and a third cassette containing all of the songs.

Teacher's notes were published for each separate term, and there was a wall frieze, a music and activity pack, computer software and a concept keyboard pack. Apart from the teacher's notes all of the resources were produced and distributed by Mercury Educational Products.



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