Time and Tune: The Magic Music Shop

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started23rd Sep 1971
ended2nd Dec 1971
1 school year
duration20 mins
subject 🎶MusicMusic
age rangeAge 7-9
languageenIn English
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The Magic Music Shop is a unit of the BBC schools radio series Time and Tune from the 1970s, covering Music for primary school pupils.

A original story written by John Emlyn Edwards for Time and Tune with, as with all of the autumn term series from this era, a Christmassy element that made it perfect to be performed as a school's end-of-term entertainment.

The Jolly Fiddler is a shop selling musical instruments, including the harpsichord, the lute, the oboe, the french horn and the drum. Unbeknownst to the shopkeeper the instruments come alive after he has locked up, and play songs to themselves all night.

The shop has fallen on hard times and the shopkeeper is thinking of selling up, but the instruments hatch a plan to compose a Christmas carol that will enchant the townspeople and persuade them to buy lots of musical instruments from the shop.

The theme tune to this unit was the Ouverture from La Boutique Fantastique by {{Credit|Gioachino Rossini|Music (source)|Rossini)), orchestrated by {{Credit|Ottorino Respighi|Music (source)|Respighi)), and more music from La Boutique Fantastique was played for listening during the broadcasts.


All seven songs from this unit, with a short extract from each.

SongThe Magic Music Shop

There's an oom-pa, oom-pa, oom-pa horn,
And a lu, lu, lu, lu, lute.

Words by John Emlyn Edwards, music by Douglas Coombes.

SongThe Fiddler

So, come and join the dance merrily.
Dance! 'Tis a holiday.

Words by A.H. Body, from Six Songs of Happiness Set 2, Novello & Co Ltd.

SongWhen You Beat on the Drum

When you beat on the drum you play a jolly rhythm.
When you you beat on the drum you play a jolly rhythm.

From Thirty More Folk Settings by Anne Mendoza & Joan Rimmer, J. Curwen & Sons Ltd.

SongFollow My Leader

Follow my leader to London town,
London town, London town.

From Clarendon Book of Singing Games Book I by Herbert Wiseman & Sydney Northcote, Oxford University Press.

SongOh, I'm a Good Musician

Oh, I'm a good musician, and I play very well.
Oh, we are good musicians and we play very well.

From Thirty More Folk Settings by Anne Mendoza & Joan Rimmer, J. Curwen & Sons Ltd.

SongCarol of the Instruments

'I'll sing the tune,' said sweet Violin.
'And gay as starlight I'll play,' said the Flute.

New words by John Emlyn Edwards. Music from Children's Songs of Switzerland, arranged by Vera Gray, J. Curwen & Sons Ltd.

SongAngels on High are Singing

Angels on high are singing.
Hark! Now the bells are ringing.

Words by Anne Mendoza, from A Festival of Folk Carols, Novello & Co Ltd.


Pamphlet illustrated by Alexy Pendle
The Magic Music Shop written by John Emlyn Edwards
Time and Tune written & produced by Douglas Coombes


The programmes were broadcast in the Spring 1971 on Thursdays at 11:00-11:20am.

To the best of my knowledge, no recordings of this unit have been kept in the BBC archives. However a recording of the song When you beat on the drum is included on the first Time and Tune LP.

# Title Broadcast
1. Broadcast one 23 Sep 1971
2. Broadcast two 30 Sep 1971
3. Broadcast three 7 Oct 1971
4. Broadcast four 14 Oct 1971
5. Broadcast five 21 Oct 1971
6. Broadcast six 4 Nov 1971
7. Broadcast seven 11 Nov 1971
8. Broadcast eight 18 Nov 1971
9. Broadcast nine 25 Nov 1971
10. Broadcast ten (concert) 2 Dec 1971

Sources & References

  • BBC (1971a) Time and Tune pupils' pamphlet, autumn 1971. London: BBC. ISBN 0 563 11045 7
  • BBC (1971b) Time and Tune teacher's notes, autumn 1971. London: BBC. ISBN 0 563 11046 5


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