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started19th Mar 2010
ended3rd May 2011
last rpt18th Jan 2012
3 school years
duration60 mins & 30 mins
age rangeAge 3-5 & Age 5-7
languageenIn English
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Talkie Time is a BBC schools TV series from the 2010s, covering Early Learning for primary school pupils.


The individual short films are bundled into longer 30- or 60-minute programmes for transmission.

The first broadcast in spring 2010 included an introduction for parents and teachers and seven Talkie Time films.

Two more episodes were broadcast in spring 2011, the first 60-minutes long including 6 more Talkie Time films, and the second 30-minutes long with 3 more Talkie Time films.

Another 30-minute episode was broadcast in summer 2011 showing 3 of the films previously broadcast in the spring term - Rod's Bad Day, Counting in Pairs and Magic Thumbs.

# Title Broadcast Online
How to Use Talkie Time (for teachers) 19 Mar 2010
Watch Online BBC
1. Drum Count 19 Mar 2010
Watch Online BBC
2. Cheer Up 19 Mar 2010
Watch Online BBC
3. The Time Quiz 19 Mar 2010
Watch Online BBC
4. The Thing Code 19 Mar 2010
Watch Online BBC
5. Super Sorting 19 Mar 2010
Watch Online BBC
6. Letters in the Air 19 Mar 2010
Watch Online BBC
7. Picture Perfect 19 Mar 2010
Watch Online BBC
8. Words Ending in -at 8 Feb 2011
Watch Online BBC
9. Sticky Letters 8 Feb 2011
Watch Online BBC
10. Magic Thumbs 8 Feb 2011
Watch Online BBC
11. Counting to 20 8 Feb 2011
Watch Online BBC
12. Counting in Pairs 8 Feb 2011
Watch Online BBC
13. Counting Back 8 Feb 2011
Watch Online BBC
14. Rodd's Bad Day 8 Feb 2011
Watch Online BBC
15. Faces and Feelings 8 Feb 2011
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16. Rodd's First Day 8 Feb 2011
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Watch Online Watch a clip on YouTube. A promo from the production company

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