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Programme Dates Age range Subjects Type
1Scene AIDS Special title.jpg AIDS SpecialAIDS Special (from Scene) 1987-10-081987-1990 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
Access To TelevisionAccess To Television (from Scene) 1975-11-201975-1984 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
Advanced Level Studies: BiologyAdvanced Level Studies: Biology 1986-05-131986-1994 Age 16-19 Science Biology TV
Advanced Level Studies: EnglishAdvanced Level Studies: English 1985-05-201985-1990 Age 16-19 English TV
Advanced Level Studies: GermanAdvanced Level Studies: German 1987-04-271987-1994 Age 16-19 Languages German Language TV
Advanced Level Studies: HistoryAdvanced Level Studies: History 1985-04-291985-1987 Age 16-19 History TV
1Advanced Level Studies Statistics title.jpg Advanced Level Studies: StatisticsAdvanced Level Studies: Statistics 1984-05-141984-1991 Age 16-19 Mathematics Mathematics TV
1Scene After Brussels Football Fans Abroad title.jpg After Brussels: Football Fans Abroad?After Brussels: Football Fans Abroad? (from Scene) 1985-06-201985 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
After The Gold RushAfter The Gold Rush (from Scene) 1980-05-221980-1984 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1Alles Klar title.jpg Alles KlarAlles Klar 1982-05-101982-1985 Age 11-13 Languages German Language TV
Alone on the MoorsAlone on the Moors (from Scene) 1975-12-041975-1983 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1Scene Anatomy of a Gang title.jpg Anatomy of a GangAnatomy of a Gang (from Scene) 1977-06-021977-1981 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1Scene And Mum Came Too title.jpg And Mum Came TooAnd Mum Came Too (from Scene) 1980-10-091980-1986 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
And They All Lived Happily TogetherAnd They All Lived Happily Together (from Scene) 1977-01-131977-1983 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1Scene Andy Capp Fact or Fiction title.jpg Andy Capp: Fact or Fiction?Andy Capp: Fact or Fiction? (from Scene) 1983-03-241983-1985 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
Annee Chez Les Francais, UneUne Année Chez Les Français 1984-09-251984-1986 Age 13-16

Age 16-19

Languages French Language TV
1Scene Another Little Drink Wont Do Us Any Harm title.jpg Another Little Drink Won't Do Us Any HarmAnother Little Drink Won't Do Us Any Harm (from Scene) 1986-04-301986-1992 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1Appuntamento in Italia title.jpg Appuntamento in ItaliaAppuntamento in Italia 1978-04-191978-1986 Age 11-13

Age 13-16

Geography TV
1Scene Arguments title.jpg ArgumentsArguments (from Scene) 1989-11-031989-1992 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1Around Scotland title 1990s.jpg Around ScotlandAround Scotland 1959-04-291959-2010 Age 9-11

Age 11-13

Miscellany TV
1Art Work title.jpg Art WorkArt Work 1989-02-151989-1994 Age 13-16 Art TV
1Scene Baby I Love You title.jpg Baby I Love YouBaby I Love You (from Scene) 1985-05-021985-1994 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1Look and Read Badger Girl title.jpg Badger GirlBadger Girl (from Look and Read) 1984-09-181984-2007 Age 7-9 English Language, Reading TV
1Scene The Ballad of Ben Bagot title.jpg Ballad of Ben Bagot, TheThe Ballad of Ben Bagot (from Scene) 1973-11-081973-1994 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
Believe It or NotBelieve It or Not (from Scene) 1989-02-231989-1990 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
Bible Lands, TheThe Bible Lands 1985-09-301985-1987 Age 11-13

Age 13-16

Religion Religious Education TV
Big Top ScienceBig Top Science 1988-04-261988-1989 Age 11-13

Age 13-16

Science TV
Biggest Epidemic of Our Time, TheThe Biggest Epidemic of Our Time (from Scene) 1983-05-051983-1984 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1Biology TV title.jpg Biology (TV)Biology (TV) 1975-09-241975-1982 Age 13-16 Science TV
1Scene Booze title.jpg BoozeBooze (from Scene) 1980-10-161980-1982 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
Boxing on the RopesBoxing on the Ropes (from Scene) 1985-03-281985-1986 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1Look and Read Boy from Space 1980 title 2.jpg Boy From Space 1980, TheThe Boy from Space (1980) Includes video (from Look and Read) 1980-01-151980-2007 Age 7-9 English Language, Reading TV
BrazilBrazil 1981-05-051981-1988 Age 13-16 Geography TV
1Scene The Breakaway title.jpg Breakaway, TheThe Breakaway (from Scene) 1983-12-011983-1988 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
Britain's Nuclear DefenceBritain's Nuclear Defence (from Scene) 1982-02-181982-1984 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1British Social History title.jpg British Social HistoryBritish Social History 1969-09-011969-1985 Age 13-16 History TV
1Scene British Youth Today title.jpg British Youth TodayBritish Youth Today (from Scene) 1989-05-181989 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1Brunel Experience title.jpg Brunel Experience, TheThe Brunel Experience 1988-01-261988-1992 Age 13-16 Science Technology TV
1Buddy title.jpg BuddyBuddy 1986-01-061986-1993 Age 11-13 English TV
1Scene The Cage title.jpg Cage, TheThe Cage (from Scene) 1983-02-031983-1987 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV

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