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Programme Dates Age range Subjects Type
A-Level English (radio)A-Level English (radio) 1982-09-011982-1988 Age 16-19 English Radio
A-Level IrishA-Level Irish 1988-01-131988-1990 Age 16-19 English Language, Literature Radio
1Scene AIDS Special title.jpg AIDS SpecialAIDS Special (from Scene) 1987-10-081987-1990 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
About BooksAbout Books 1978-09-251978-1981 Age 9-11

Age 11-13

English Reading TV
1About Wales title.jpg About WalesAbout Wales 1976-09-011976-1985 Age 9-11

Age 11-13

Miscellany TV
Access To TelevisionAccess To Television (from Scene) 1975-11-201975-1984 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1French Programme Action Tele title.jpg Action-Tele! Year 1Action-Télé! Year 1 (from The French Programme) 1980-02-271980-1991 Age 11-13 Languages French Language TV
1French Programme Action Tele title.jpg Action-Tele! Year 2Action-Télé! Year 2 (from The French Programme) 1981-11-031981-1991 Age 11-13

Age 13-16

Languages French Language TV
1French Programme Action Tele title.jpg Action-Tele! Year 3Action-Télé! Year 3 (from The French Programme) 1982-11-021982-1990 Age 11-13

Age 13-16

Languages French Language TV
Active ScienceActive Science 1989-09-181989-1994 Age 9-11 Science Radio
Advanced Level EconomicsAdvanced Level Economics 1989-04-241989 Age 16-19 Citizenship Economics Radio
Advanced Level GeographyAdvanced Level Geography 1987-05-051987-1990 Age 16-19 Geography Radio
Advanced Level HistoryAdvanced Level History 1987-06-081987-1990 Age 16-19 History Radio
Advanced Level SpanishAdvanced Level Spanish 1987-06-171987 Age 16-19 Languages Spanish Language Radio
Advanced Level Studies: BiologyAdvanced Level Studies: Biology 1986-05-131986-1994 Age 16-19 Science Biology TV
Advanced Level Studies: EnglishAdvanced Level Studies: English 1985-05-201985-1990 Age 16-19 English TV
Advanced Level Studies: HistoryAdvanced Level Studies: History 1985-04-291985-1987 Age 16-19 History TV
1Advanced Level Studies Statistics title.jpg Advanced Level Studies: StatisticsAdvanced Level Studies: Statistics 1984-05-141984-1991 Age 16-19 Mathematics Mathematics TV
Advanced Studies: EnglishAdvanced Studies: English 1979-01-011979-1981 Age 16-19 English Radio
Advanced Studies: GeographyAdvanced Studies: Geography 1980-04-011980-1986 Age 16-19 Geography Radio
Advanced Studies: HistoryAdvanced Studies: History 1979-09-011979-1981 Age 16-19 History Radio
AdventureAdventure 1973-09-011973-1981 Age 13-16 English Radio
Adventure StoriesAdventure Stories 1983-04-011983 Age 11-13 English Radio
1Scene After Brussels Football Fans Abroad title.jpg After Brussels: Football Fans Abroad?After Brussels: Football Fans Abroad? (from Scene) 1985-06-201985 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
After The Gold RushAfter The Gold Rush (from Scene) 1980-05-221980-1984 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1Alive and Kicking title.jpg Alive and KickingAlive and Kicking 1977-04-271977-1985 Age 5-7 Citizenship PSHE TV
1All Year Round title.jpg All Year RoundAll Year Round 1985-09-171985-1995 Age 5-7

Age 7-9

Science TV
All in a Day's WalkAll in a Day's Walk 1984-09-011984-1988 Age 13-16

Age 16-19

Geography Environment TV
1Alles Klar title.jpg Alles KlarAlles Klar Includes video 1982-05-101982-1985 Age 11-13

Age 13-16

Languages German Language TV
Alone on the MoorsAlone on the Moors (from Scene) 1975-12-041975-1983 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1Am Gymru cover autumn 1985.jpg Am GymruAm Gymru 1976-09-011976-1985 Age 9-11

Age 11-13

Miscellany TV
American West, TheThe American West 1981-01-201981-1984 Age 13-16 History Radio
Amser Stori (1978)Amser Stori (1978) 1978-04-011978-1990 Age 5-7 English Radio
1An Canker-Seth booklet cover.jpg An Canker-SethAn Canker-Seth 1986-04-251986 Languages Cornish Language TV
1Scene Anatomy of a Gang title.jpg Anatomy of a GangAnatomy of a Gang (from Scene) 1977-06-021977-1981 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1Scene And Mum Came Too title.jpg And Mum Came TooAnd Mum Came Too (from Scene) 1980-10-091980-1986 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
And They All Lived Happily TogetherAnd They All Lived Happily Together (from Scene) 1977-01-131977-1983 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1Scene Andy Capp Fact or Fiction title.jpg Andy Capp: Fact or Fiction?Andy Capp: Fact or Fiction? (from Scene) 1983-03-241983-1985 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
Anglo-Welsh WritingAnglo-Welsh Writing 1984-01-011984-1985 Age 13-16 English Radio
1Animals in Action title.jpg Animals in ActionAnimals in Action 1985-04-011985-1993 Age 7-9

Age 9-11

Age 11-13

Science Nature TV

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