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Programme Dates Age range Subjects Type
Alawon Gwerin CymruAlawon Gwerin Cymru 1934-01-221934 Age 11-13 Music Radio
Anturiaethwyr CymruAnturiaethwyr Cymru 1935-01-211935 Age 11-13 Geography Radio
Ardaloedd Cymru, a'u Cysylltiadau Hanesyddol a LlenyddolArdaloedd Cymru, a'u Cysylltiadau Hanesyddol a Llenyddol 1934-09-271934-1935 Age 11-13 Geography Radio
1How Life Is Lived cover spring 1934.jpg Biology (England)Biology (England) 1933-09-201933-1940 Age 11-13 Science Radio
Biology (Scotland)Biology (Scotland) 1933-09-011933-1939 Age 13-16 Science Biology Radio
1Biology and Hygiene cover summer 1931.jpg Biology and HygieneBiology and Hygiene 1930-09-241930-1933 Age 11-13 Science Radio
1British History autumn 1938.jpg British HistoryBritish History 1933-09-201933-1941 Age 11-13 History Radio
Canu Rhydd, YY Canu Rhydd 1936-09-241936 Age 9-11 English Poetry Radio
Cenhedloedd yn Deulu, YY Cenhedloedd yn Deulu 1937-04-261937 History Radio
CerddoriaethCerddoriaeth 1936-04-301936 Age 11-13 Music Radio
Cestyll CymruCestyll Cymru 1936-01-011936 Age 11-13 History Radio
1Children of Other Days cover summer 1931.jpg Children of Other DaysChildren of Other Days 1930-09-221930-1931 History Radio
Chwedlau ac Alawon Gwerin CymruChwedlau ac Alawon Gwerin Cymru 1938-09-011938-1939 Age 7-9 English Radio
1Concert Lessons cover summer 1939.jpg Concert LessonsConcert Lessons 1936-09-221936-1941 Age 11-13 Music Radio
Concert TalksConcert Talks 1933-09-221933-1934 Music Radio
Concert to Schools, AA Concert to Schools 1925-09-251925-1933 Music Radio
Concerts for SchoolsConcerts for Schools 1931-09-011931-1937 Age 9-11

Age 11-13

Age 13-16

Music Radio
Cymru a'i GwaithCymru a'i Gwaith 1937-09-231937-1938 Age 11-13 Geography Radio
Cymru yn y 19 GanrifCymru yn y 19 Ganrif 1934-04-261934 Age 11-13 History Radio
Daear a DynDaear a Dyn 1935-09-011935-1936 Age 11-13 Science Radio
Days of OldDays of Old 1929-09-231929-1930 History Radio
Discovering EnglandDiscovering England 1935-09-261935-1936 Age 9-11

Age 11-13

Geography Radio
Districts of EnglandDistricts of England 1934-09-271934-1935 Age 9-11

Age 11-13

Geography Radio
1Early Stages in French cover autumn 1937.jpg Early Stages in French (1930)Early Stages in French (1930) 1930-09-231930-1939 Age 13-16 Languages Radio
1Early Stages in German cover spring 1938.jpg Early Stages in GermanEarly Stages in German 1933-09-181933-1939 Age 13-16 Languages Radio
1Early Stages in Music cover 1939-40.jpg Early Stages in MusicEarly Stages in Music 1938-09-011938-1939 Age 9-11 Music Radio
Ein Plwyf NiEin Plwyf Ni 1938-09-011938-1939 Age 9-11 Geography Radio
Elementary French (England)Elementary French (England) 1926-04-301926-1930 Languages French Language Radio
Elementary French (Scotland)Elementary French (Scotland) 1928-09-011928-1938 Age 13-16 Languages French Language Radio
Elfennau BarddoniaethElfennau Barddoniaeth 1933-09-251933 Age 11-13 English Poetry Radio
English Literature (England)English Literature (England) 1929-09-251929-1937 English Radio
English Literature (Scotland)English Literature (Scotland) 1929-10-011929-1937 English Radio
English SpeechEnglish Speech 1930-09-251930-1931 English Radio
English for Under-NinesEnglish for Under-Nines 1939-09-251939-1951 Age 7-9 English Radio
1Rural Survey Farming cover autumn 1929.jpg FarmingFarming 1929-10-041929-1930 Science Agriculture Radio
Feature Programmes and Topical TalksFeature Programmes and Topical Talks 1936-09-251936-1940 Age 11-13 Miscellany Radio
Forests, Fishings and Farms of ScotlandForests, Fishings and Farms of Scotland 1937-09-211937-1938 Age 9-11 Geography Radio
French Readings and DialoguesFrench Readings and Dialogues 1929-09-231929-1939 Age 13-16

Age 16-19

Languages French Language Radio
Friday Afternoon Stories and TalksFriday Afternoon Stories and Talks 1930-09-261930-1936 Miscellany Radio
Geography (1930)Geography (1930) 1930-09-011930-1935 Geography Radio

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