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Programme Dates Age range Subjects Type
Applied GeographyApplied Geography 1925-09-231925 Geography Radio
Before and After the Great WarBefore and After the Great War 1927-01-201927 History Modern History Radio
Boys and Girls of Other DaysBoys and Girls of Other Days 1927-09-261927-1928 History Radio
Children in DickensChildren in Dickens 1925-01-151925 English Literature Radio
Citizenship (1926)Citizenship (1926) 1926-04-281926 Citizenship Radio
Concert to Schools, AA Concert to Schools 1925-09-251925-1933 Music Radio
Days of OldDays of Old 1929-09-231929-1930 History Radio
Elementary French (England)Elementary French (England) 1926-04-301926-1930 Languages French Language Radio
Elementary French (Scotland)Elementary French (Scotland) 1928-09-011928-1938 Age 13-16 Languages French Language Radio
Elementary MusicElementary Music 1924-09-291924-1928 Music Radio
Elements of Wireless, TheThe Elements of Wireless 1925-01-141925 Science Technology Radio
Empire History and GeographyEmpire History and Geography 1927-09-231927-1928 Miscellany Miscellany Radio
England That Shakespeare Knew, TheThe England That Shakespeare Knew 1928-04-011928 English Literature Radio
English Composition and ReadingEnglish Composition and Reading 1926-09-221926 English Writing, Reading Radio
English Literature (England)English Literature (England) 1929-09-251929-1937 English Radio
English Literature (Scotland)English Literature (Scotland) 1929-10-011929-1937 English Radio
Everyday Things of the PastEveryday Things of the Past 1927-04-011927 History Radio
1Rural Survey Farming cover autumn 1929.jpg FarmingFarming 1929-10-041929-1930 Science Agriculture Radio
Foundations of English Poetry, TheThe Foundations of English Poetry 1928-09-261928-1929 English Poetry Radio
French Readings and DialoguesFrench Readings and Dialogues 1929-09-231929-1939 Age 13-16

Age 16-19

Languages French Language Radio
French TalksFrench Talks 1924-10-031924 Languages French Language Radio
Geographical DiscoveriesGeographical Discoveries 1926-09-231926 Geography Radio
1German cover autumn 1939.jpg German Readings and DialoguesGerman Readings and Dialogues 1929-09-301929-1939 Age 13-16

Age 16-19

Languages German Language Radio
Great DiscoveriesGreat Discoveries 1929-01-181929 Science Radio
Great StoriesGreat Stories 1927-09-261927-1928 English Radio
Heroes of FictionHeroes of Fiction 1926-01-131926 English Literature Radio
Hints on Athletics and GamesHints on Athletics and Games 1929-09-271929-1930 Movement Sport Radio
How English Laws are MadeHow English Laws are Made 1927-04-011927 Citizenship Politics Radio
How Reading and Writing BeganHow Reading and Writing Began 1927-09-231927 History Radio
Let's Go Round the WorldLet's Go Round the World 1927-04-011927 Geography Radio
Lives of Great MenLives of Great Men 1924-10-021924 History Radio
London's Great BuildingsLondon's Great Buildings 1928-01-201928 History Radio
Looking at PicturesLooking at Pictures 1928-09-211928 Art Radio
Modern English PoetryModern English Poetry 1925-09-241925 English Poetry Radio
1Music cover autumn 1929.jpg Music (radio)Music (radio) 1928-09-251928-1934 Music Radio
Natural History (radio)Natural History (radio) 1924-09-301924-1927 Science Nature Radio
1Nature Study cover autumn 1950.jpg Nature StudyNature Study 1927-09-291927-1965 Age 9-11 Science Nature Radio
Our Earth and Its NeighboursOur Earth and Its Neighbours 1925-04-291925 Science Astronomy Radio
Our Native TongueOur Native Tongue 1927-01-191927 English Language Radio
Pictures of English HistoryPictures of English History 1926-01-141926 History Radio

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