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 Broadcast years stringBroadcasterRating countAverage rating of this page.
Hop, Skip and Jump (TV)1978-1984ITV Schools116
Maths Challenge (TV)2002-2008BBC Schools TV50
Maths Challenge (radio)1999-2018BBC Schools Radio39
Zig Zag1983-2008BBC Schools TV36
Primary History2002-2011BBC Schools TV34
Middle English1981-2004ITV Schools
Channel 4 Schools
Basic Maths1981-1984ITV Schools31
Junior Maths1984-1988ITV Schools31
English File1983-2008BBC Schools TV31
Words and Pictures1970-2011BBC Schools TV30
Maths File (1980)1980-1985BBC Schools TV30
Looking at Television (ITV)1977-1979ITV Schools30
Walrus1981-1990BBC Schools TV29
Testament: The Bible in Animation1997-2007BBC Schools TV29
English Time1986-1997BBC Schools TV28
Landmarks1988-2008BBC Schools TV28
The English Programme1976-2008ITV Schools27
Mathsphere Special1995-2006BBC Schools TV27
Shakespeare: The Animated Tales1993-2008BBC Schools TV27
Coming to England2003-2008BBC Schools TV26
The Story of Tracy Beaker2003BBC Schools TV26
Primary Geography2002-2010BBC Schools TV26
Let's Go1978-1986BBC Schools TV25
Square One Television1992-1999BBC Schools TV25
Wondermaths1986-1991BBC Schools TV25
How We Used to Live1968-2009ITV Schools
Channel 4 Schools
Look and Read: The Boy from Space (1980)1980-2007BBC Schools TV24
Rat-a-Tat-Tat1993-2009Channel 4 Schools24
Time for a Story1985-1990ITV Schools24
Equal People1986-1989BBC Schools TV24
Viewpoint1975-1979ITV Schools24
Look and Read: Shadow Play2004-2009BBC Schools TV23
Look and Read: The Legend of the Lost Keys1998-2007BBC Schools TV23
Look and Read: Geordie Racer1988-2007BBC Schools TV23
Look and Read: Sky Hunter1978-2007BBC Schools TV23
Look and Read: The King's Dragon1977-2007BBC Schools TV23
Citizen Power2003-2008Channel 4 Schools23
First Edition1994-2002Channel 4 Schools23
One World (1982)1982-1986BBC Schools TV23
Numbertime (TV)1993-2008BBC Schools TV23
History in Action1984-2007ITV Schools
Channel 4 Schools
Look and Read: Zzaap and the Word Master2001-2008BBC Schools TV22
Look and Read: Badger Girl1984-2007BBC Schools TV22
Look and Read: Fair Ground!1983-2007BBC Schools TV22
Look and Read: Dark Towers1981-2007BBC Schools TV22
Look and Read: Cloud Burst1974-2007BBC Schools TV22
Look and Read: The Boy from Space (1971)1971-1973BBC Schools TV22
Look and Read: Joe and the Sheep Rustlers1973-2007BBC Schools TV22
My World1969-1988ITV Schools22
Pathways of Belief1996-2008BBC Schools TV22
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