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Top! auf Deutsch TV
8 Nov 2023 Added a cover from a Learners' Book
Music Workshop Radio
8 Nov 2023 Another new pupils pamphlet scan thanks to Nigel Parsons - Yanomamo from spring 1992 (replacing the black & white teacher's notes cover that was here before).
The Song Tree Radio
1 Oct 2023 New covers added from autumn 1985, autumn 1986, spring 1987, autumn 1990 (teachers'), summer 1991 & spring 1994.
Watch TV
18 Sep 2023 Fixed a technical problem that made the page un-viewable!
The English Programme TV
18 Sep 2023 Added broadcast dates for Voices in the Dark and Of Mice and Men, correction to Sex Equality and an omitted episode to Have Fun, all with thanks to Simon Collins. Also drama episodes are now flagged properly again.
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