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Music Workshop Radio
18 Apr 2022 More pamphlet covers from the 1960s & 70s! Paris Under Gaslight, Hagoromo and The Horse Trough added for the first time with thanks to Nigel Parsons, plus much better scans of The Truthful Transistor, December Fair and Another Shore!
Time and Tune Radio
12 Mar 2022 13 better quality or variant covers added (aut 51, aut 52, spr 53, spr 65, spr 72, aut 72, spr 73, spr 74, sum 78, aut 89, aut 94, aut 97 teachers & spr 05)
The Song Tree Radio
12 Mar 2022 New pamphlet covers added, from Krazy Kitchen, Around and About, Remember This, The Vanishing Hole and Melody Muddle's Music Machine, plus Beside the Sea improved.
Appuntamento in Italia TV
23 Feb 2022 Title screen added
Look and Read TV
5 Dec 2021 A complete rewrite of the whole page with programme details and history, pictures, and a complete overview of all resources ever published!
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